COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in most people’s #TwentyPlenty, forcing them to be at home instead of being out there living their best life. But, as with everything, it’s a matter of perspective. Whether you’re adjusting to remote working or just biding your time until you’re able to get out there and do your thing, lockdown presents a unique opportunity to do some of the things you’ve been meaning to for ages. Here’s our list of lockdown survival tips to help you thrive! 


Upskill Yourself

You’d be surprised how many resources there are out there to teach you skills, and some of them are even free. Whether it’s skills that are great to have around the house, from gardening tips to step-by-step recipes to learn, or work-related skills, like management or practical tasks. There really is no limit to what you could teach yourself while you’re waiting out your 21 days. You might even feel intimidated about where to start first! We can recommend checking out online course platforms like Udemy or finding a YouTube channel that speaks to your new skill. 

Stick to A Routine 

The psychological toll that isolation can have on a person is quite immense. You can do a number of small things that’ll help you keep it together, and one of those things is to develop a routine. Sure, binge-watching a few series might be what you need for one of the days, but sticking to a healthy routine will help you feel more human and put you in a better standing to hit the ground running once lockdown ends.

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Stay Active 

Look, not being able to go for runs or walk the dog hurts a little – but the reasoning makes sense. That doesn’t mean you should give up on physical activity altogether! Now more than ever it’s important to stay moving since it increases blood flow around your body which will help you stay in good health and keep your brain firing optimally. Once again, there are a number of great resources out there – a top-rated yoga app, Down Dog, is free until the 1st of May, as well as there being a plethora of family-friendly exercise channels on YouTube that the whole family can follow along to.

Stay Hydrated

Just another public service announcement to drink your water! While you may not be as active as when you’re able to leave the house, it’s still as important as ever to take in the necessary amount of water to keep yourself healthy. Just do it! 

Stay Connected 


It’s tough to keep it together when you’re all alone in the house. Even though your furry family members help, human conversation will go a long way for you to keep your head on straight and not feel so alone. Good thing it’s 2020 where Skype, Whatsapp Calls and FaceTime are all available for you to see and interact with the people you care about. It’s important to think through your list of friends and family who may be feeling lonely and check in on them – they’ll appreciate it!

Remember to Clock Off

With the home office right there, it’s sometimes hard to have a clear boundary between when you’re on duty and when you’re not – especially if it feels like work is the only thing giving you purpose right now. Setting a time when you’ll be logging off is important, and it’s probably worth communicating that with your colleagues so your phone will buzz less, and you’ll be less tempted to overwork yourself. Find a hobby that’ll fill your time and take your mind off work, something like puzzles, reading, watching movies or gaming. Any escape from your work mindset will help you unwind and decompress after a day’s work. Remember to take regular breaks throughout the day as well! 

We hope these tips have been helpful – remember to stay safe and healthy during lockdown. We miss you all a lot and hope to welcome you once again as soon as we’re able to! 


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