You’ve probably felt the nights getting a bit warmer. It isn’t just your imagination or will power – summer is on its way! We’re going to give you some tips you can act on now to make the most of summer.

Book sports tickets

Okay, granted the Rugby World Cup kind of deflates this point – but summer is a great time to take in local sport at the stadium. Hardcore fans will sit through whatever weather comes in, but there’s always a different vibe when the weather is fine, and people are having a good time. Browsing through the events coming up, there’s a wide selection; from equestrian events to car racing, so there’s bound to be something to catch your interest. Booking tickets now is advisable since they tend to sell like hotcakes in the weeks leading up to the event and you could be disappointed if you leave it too late. There might even be early bird discounts you can take advantage of!

Research summer purchases on your wish list

We know summer technically only starts in December, but for some places (looking at you Durbs), it starts feeling like summer from October – so you’ll forgive us for using the world’s biggest shopping day as an example here. Black Friday is a great time to snatch up a huge deal – sometimes in time to give it away for Christmas, sometimes just as an act as self-love. No judgment, we’ve all been there. Wish lists tend to get a bit cluttered across online retailers, you might have things you already bought on one list or items you no longer want on another. Going into a time of shopping madness, it’s important to have these lists fine-tuned so you can swoop in – many retailers let you know when an item in your wish list is on sale, also known as the “shut up and take my money” email.

Get any doctor visits or medical procedures out of the way

Putting off visiting a medical professional or procedure is a sure-fire way to wreck your summer vibes. Sure, the tooth might not be hurting so badly now but do you know when it will? When you’re on your third mojito from the beach bar, smiling at the cutie across the room. Good luck explaining that one! Before summer hits us, be sure to get all the creaks and niggles out so you can bring your A-game.

Book your accommodation

You know how you look forward to the weekend – so much so that you long for it from Monday? That’s how some people feel about December shut down. It’s little wonder that hotel’s summer bookings start fulling up long before December starts. So, if you’re going away this summer, give us a shout! We’re even sweetening the deal by bringing back our summer half-price campaign – keep an eye out for the details on our social media platforms.

Regardless of how you’re prepping for summer, we hope you are as excited as we are – let the countdown begin!


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