Well done on making it through a pretty rough winter this year. We’re not sure if working from home makes it feel worse, but at least it’s in our rear-view mirror with only blue skies and summer days ahead of us. 

We hope you’re feeling up for adventure – months of sitting at home with all your favourite places closed can have that effect on you. Of course, we advise caution still – COVID-19 is still here and is still dangerous, so taking the standard precautions are as important as ever. But now is such a great time to go and visit some fantastic summer tourist spots. 

We’re obviously very biased, being in the hospitality industry ourselves, but it’s heart-breaking to think about the many livelihoods that rely on local and international tourism that have been affected during this time. What we’re trying to say is the stars have basically aligned for you to do good by your fellow South Africans AND take that holiday you’ve been craving. 

But here’s the kicker – the secret sauce to making this an adventure to remember – our summer promotion! In case you haven’t heard, any booking you make between 16 December 2021 and 9 January 2022 qualifies for a discount of up to 30%. Think of it as our Christmas present to you, to say thank you for being patient during a tough year and as a reward for getting out there and supporting local. We’re very excited to be your home away from home while you take in some local sights and sounds again – so be sure to book! 

But, as a step before that, you may be looking at the South African map thinking, “Where the heck should I even go?” Well, we’re so glad you asked, or else these attractions we found for you would have been wasted. Here are just a few of the cool things you should consider seeing these holidays, along with our nearest hotel to get you close to the action! 

Durban Beachfront 



Let’s start with an obvious one, shell we? See what we did there? Good ol’ Durbs has been a popular year-end destination for as long as we can remember, and for good reason. Nothing quite beats sand between your toes and waves crashing around you while the summer sun gently kisses your skin. Look no further than booking at City Lodge Hotel Durban – it’s so close, you can practically hear the ocean from your bedroom! 

Pretoria’s Culture and History 

©Burhan Ay Photography/Shutterstock.com

It’s a tragedy that we don’t pay more attention to historic buildings and their role in our country’s story. We can highly recommend a stay at Courtyard Hotel Arcadia, nestled amongst some iconic Jacaranda trees in our administrative capital. You’ll be close by to the Union Buildings, foreign embassies, universities and cultural landmarks. Even your hotel looks the part, being restored manor house! 

Getting Wild in Mbombela 


Staring at a screen all day can dull the thrill of being alive – where being in nature and seeing apex predators do their thing does quite the opposite! There are loads of places to go to see South Africa’s wild side, but we’re particularly fond of Mbombela, with Road Lodge Mbombela being an ideal base camp for your wild adventures into Kruger. 

Fun is a Journey, Not A Destination 


You might feel like you don’t want to commit to just one place for your holiday and would rather do a road trip holiday – we got you covered there as well! The Garden Route is as beautiful as ever, with tremendous ocean views, quaint dorpies to visit, and of course, Town Lodge George to welcome you in after a long day of driving. 

These are just some thought starters though, with over 50 of our hotels across the country open and running again, there are so many options for you to take your holiday break. All that’s left for you to do is plan how you’ll spend the money you’re saving thanks to our summer promotion! 

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