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CLHG - Safe Hotels During Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced change on all businesses, including the hotel and hospitality industries. Although many hotels are welcoming back their guests, most guests, and staff, are concerned about how safe it is to stay at a hotel during this Covid-19 pandemic. Many questions are on people’s minds such as; how do I access accommodation without a hassle but still stay safe? How do I protect myself during business travel, and how do you know that no one at my hotel of choice has the Coronavirus?

Safety Protocol
City Lodge Protocols for a safe stay.

Health and Safety protocols are more important than ever as Covid-19 infections rise.

Safety Protocols for Public Health - Did you know?

CLHG follow stringent Covid-19 protocols and offer all the necessary precautions to ensure that you don’t question your safety while visiting us. We take our responsibility very seriously and require every guest to take responsibility to keep Covid-19 at bay as well. We urge you to help us by adhering to temperature screening and completing a Covid screening questionnaire upon entry. This is done via a convenient digital form, ensuring quick access.

Every guest will have to wear a face mask upon accessing any of our hotels and lodges. Guest sanitisers are placed in easy reach of guests in public areas of the hotel, with a notice encouraging regular use. Safe social distancing is enforced at the front desk and other hotel areas, and just in case you forget, signage has been placed to help management implement best practices.

  • How do we serve you food? All guests choosing to enjoy one of our meals can rest assured that food is individually packaged to ensure you receive a tasty meal with limited risk. When preparing food, our kitchen staff are instructed to constantly wear protective gear such as protective gloves, aprons and face masks to perform their duties. High-touch areas such as breakfast rooms, restaurants, tabletops, and counters are wiped down on a regular routine throughout the day, with a polycide chemical (a disinfectant cleaner) that kills most viruses. The restaurant has very strictly controlled limited use, and we suggest guests take their meals ‘on the go’ or in the comfort of their hotel room.
  • Your biggest concern is probably our guest rooms? Would you have more peace of mind if you know that strict room cleaning policies are set and executed to eliminate cross-contamination between rooms? For a lengthy stay, hotel staff will clean each room every two days and exchange linen every three days. When a guest checks out, departed rooms are cleaned and sanitised thoroughly.
  • As per government regulations, our fitness rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms and sundowner bars are off-limits. Guests may make use of the pool deck and swimming pool while observing strict social distancing for any practices such as performing yoga or meditation.

Check-In Protocols for a Safe Hotel Environment

CLHG have embraced the change and offer a quick and efficient check-in process that will ensure the health and safety of all our visitors.

Upon returning to the hotel after work, guests will have their temperatures taken and re-recorded through an online form. When screening and a guest’s temperature falls within the normal range, and they do not show any symptoms, they will be required to sanitise their hands and proceed to check-in. In the same way, if a guest’s temperature is high when screening (above 37.5 degrees Celsius) and/or they have symptoms of the virus, they will be prohibited to check-in and will be referred to a medical facility for observation.

After the screening process, guests will move to the front desk where all items (pen, registration form and room key card) and the receptionists’ hands are sanitised, in front of the arriving guest, before any guest interaction. Guests are required to sanitise hands and credit cards before interaction. The speed point machine is sanitised before and after every use, and we prefer not to accept cash during this time. Perspex screens across the front of our reception desks will reduce the risk of guests and staff members falling ill.

All this with continuous staff education on what the virus is; where the disease outbreak began; ways in which it is transmitted; symptoms to look out for; and daily screening solutions to prevent contamination and spread of viruses in personal, operational and guest spaces, we could succeed to overcome Covid-19. Do you agree?

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