We appreciate all of our guests, that’s why we offer such a wide range of hotel experiences – from our luxurious Courtyard Hotels to our simple yet brilliant Road Lodges. To offer such a wide variety means we think about exactly what our guests are looking for at each of those price points, so that they feel as comfortable as possible without breaking for the bank. 

One of the things that our Town Lodge and Road Lodge hotels hadn’t included previously was lunch or dinner. Breakfast makes sense – it’s the most important meal of the day, after all. But we had made the decision to limit dining options to breakfast to streamline our offerings and deliver better value. 

But we noticed what our guests were doing – ordering takeaways to fill in those meals. For a while, this has bothered us. This is an inconvenience to our guests and can sometimes add in bigger costs to their stay. We put our best minds to solving this issue for the sake of offering our guests a more convenient way of dining with us no matter what time of day it is. And we’re very excited to share that with you! 

Introducing Eat-In! 

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Gone are the days of takeaways, we’re pleased to unveil Eat-In – all-new food and beverage options that go down perfectly for lunch and dinner! Importantly, these are all available in-house, meaning you don’t need to leave the comfort of our hotel in order to grab something to eat. 

The Rollout 

We were very pleased to see how well hotels that were offering Eat-In options did during our pilot test and we made the decision to roll this out to the majority of our open Town Lodge and Road Lodge hotels. This rollout is staggered, as each hotel makes the necessary arrangements to offer you these tasty meals. Keep an eye on our social channels, we’ll let you know when new hotels are offering Eat-In options. 

We’re looking forward to offering our guests even more convenience in the coming weeks and months and would like to thank our guests for always offering feedback on what we can do better. We appreciate it and are excited for future projects to offer you more! 


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