Let us set the scene for you. The pandemic has presented some considerably challenges, but you’ve managed to make it through. Lockdown, unrest, home schooling, video meetings, the works. But then, one day, as you blink your eyes open at the start of a new day, and get a rush of adrenaline, seeing that there’s a person next to you in bed. Only, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you – you’ve been together for years. But you’ve been so focused on survival that you rarely even thought about your partner and the relationship that you’re in. 

Okay, that was a bit extreme, but you see where we’re coming from – in general, the pandemic has been harsh on even the most rock solid of relationships. January is normally all about setting resolutions, and we wanted to present a noble goal to set yourself – by the time Valentine’s Day comes around next month, try to #ReigniteTheLove! 

We’re going to look at some tips to consider on your quest to #ReigniteTheLove: 

The Good Kind of Space 

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Normally when your partner asks for space, it could be translated to mean that your relationship is on the ropes. After a pandemic though, one of the most thoughtful things you could do for your partner is give them a little more space of their own. 

In cases where people live together, some of the more serious levels of lockdown meant you spent every waking moment with your partner. Even when partners don’t live together, social circles grew all the tighter due to social distancing, so it wasn’t unusual to spend more time with fewer people. 

So, what will this look like? Maybe run some errands on your own for the morning or book a session of whatever relaxing activity your partner likes on their own. Getting out of each other’s hair for a few hours now and again isn’t a bad thing. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? 

Bringing Over a Meal 

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Money has been pretty tight and social venues have been a bit hit or miss in terms of COVID safety – not us, obviously, but you already knew that. That makes finding something to do together, or a way to show that you care quite difficult. 

No one ever turns their nose up at the offer of a meal though, particularly a homecooked one. The effort you put in, choosing the meal and sending it over speaks volumes to home much you care about the other person. Best part is that this is a really cost effective way of getting that message across! 

Bonus points if you hand deliver it and enjoy the meal together but sending over an Uber Eats order works just as well too. For partners who live together, you can get the same effect by sending lunch to their place of work, or just rock up at home with a treat dinner. 

Quality Time with a Change of Scenery 

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Unfortunately, not many couples have the bandwidth to have deep conversations with their partners regularly. What are their goals, what motivates them as a human being, which Power Ranger would they be – you know, the really important stuff. Since we’re so busy surviving, we don’t get the chance for this level of conversation and can lead to you feeling like ships in the night – just slowing drifting apart while life happens around you. 

The remedy? #ReigniteTheLove! We love nothing more than providing life-changing hospitality experiences, and we think we’ve got something amazing lined up for you. 

Weekend Getaways Made Easy 

For starters, we’re slashing our weekend rates in February. You heard that right – your stay with us starts from as little as R700 per room. Breakfast is on us, so you can focus on unwinding and getting back on the same page with bae. 

The Whole Shebang 

We’ve got something extra special lined up for the 14th of February as well, to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. 

To start off with, treat your partner to a romantic three course dinner – because nothing says “I love you” better than a meal. Next, you’ll be wanting a room, because we know you’ll have been successful in your mission to #ReigniteTheLove. Finally, you lovebirds might want to take the morning slow, so allow us to treat you to breakfast as well. 

All in all, our extra special dinner, bed and breakfast combo is available at selected Courtyard Hotels, City Lodge Hotels and Town Lodges, with the combo starting from R999 per stay. For the full details, please see the Events section under our Specials page. 

Our partners have been with us through a lot – it’s time to show some appreciation and #ReigniteTheLove with some great accommodation and meal deals with City Lodge Hotel Group! 

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