We get that time normally feels like it flies, but the last little while – possibly because of lockdown and staying home more often – has been even more ‘zoomy’ than usual. With time passing at such an incredible rate, it’s easy to ignore just how much we’ve all had to endure in the last little while. The pandemic has brought with it lockdown levels, home schooling, home offices, and vaccine rollouts. Add in some unrest, cabinet shuffles, and Olympic gold medals, and it feels a bit like someone is playing bingo with our emotions. 

The point we’re trying to make is that you’re here, you’ve made it. While we look ahead hopeful for better times, don’t skip over the fact that you fought hard to get here. It’s almost like a superhero’s back story – your secret power is being a South African, and that means you have the ability to endure just about everything. 

In case you didn’t already know, September has a long weekend – normally, that’s enough to warrant a celebration all on its own, but this is even more special because the public holiday responsible for it is Heritage Day on September 24th. It’s a day to celebrate who we are and the diversity our country has been blessed with. Yes, we’ll braai, but we hope you get a chance to acknowledge the superhero powers that you’ve exhibited in the past months as well. 

Which brings us to our role in this celebration. We’re proud to call ourselves a South African hotel group, and reflect that in everything from our staff, our facilities, and the promotions we run. We’d like to share with you what we’ve got going on this September to help you Celebrate Your South African-ness. There are three things we’re excited to share with you: 

Kwaai Accommodation Deals 

Nothing beats getting out of the house. You might not feel like it, but when you’ve spent so much time cooped up, a change of scenery can really refresh your mind. We’re excited that restrictions are easing and we seem to be on the right track – so you may even want to take your long weekend somewhere out of town. Whatever you decide, we’ve got some great deals for the long weekend, with our per person per night rates starting at: 

  • Courtyard Hotels from R999  
  • City Lodge hotel from R799  
  • Town Lodges from R749  
  • Road Lodges from R700 

On top of this great deal, any booking made using this promotion gets a free entry into our lucky draw, where you stand the chance of winning dinner for two at our special Heritage Dinner on the 24th. 

A Celebration of South African Tastes 

Speaking of the dinner, if you aren’t lucky enough to win, you can also book your spot. South Africa is often described as a melting pot of cultures, and we feel like this metaphor can apply literally too since South Africa is home to several unique dishes too. We’re looking forward to an amazing time of great, local dishes like: 

  • Shisa nyama 
  • Pap with Tomato relish 
  • House slaw 
  • Three bean salad 
  • Umngqusho (Samp & beans) 
  • Malva Pudding 
  • Pumpkin Fritters 

For the full list of participating hotels, please visit our Specials page, which has the full details – and remember to book your spot directly at the hotel you wish to dine at. 

Celebrating the Most Important Meal of the Day 

We also know how important breakfast is to South Africans, so we wanted to do something special all weekend well too. At the normal price of R150 per head, we look forward to serving: 

  • Bunny chow 
  • Plain vetkoek 
  • Umngqusho (Samp & beans) 
  • Boerewors 
  • Koeksisters 
  • Milk tart 
  • Umphokoqo namasi (crumbled maize meal served with sour milk) 
  • Sorghum porridge 

While the exact dishes on offer may vary between hotels, those are just some of the tasty ideas we’ve got cooking for Heritage Weekend. 

Thank you, South Africa, for being a country rich in natural beauty, a country known for its diversity and enduring spirit. Thank you for being worth celebrating, and we can’t wait for Heritage Day to kick off the festivities! 

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