Pack your things and let’s go – we’re ready to travel again! The days of looking out the window, remembering the great holiday trips you used to take are over, we can travel again and we couldn’t be more excited. 

You may be asking yourselves, though, “has the threat of COVID passed, then?” Definitely not, while there are still people carrying the virus, there is always a risk of transmission happening. But government and health officials believe the peak to have passed and that is cause for celebration – tempered with caution, of course. 

We’re firm advocates of taking a holiday to break out of the ‘new normal’ you’ve been trying so hard to adjust to. We know it’s been a challenge, which is why you deserve a holiday. At City Lodge Hotel Group, we’re proudly telling our guests that we’re travel ready – meaning you don’t need to think twice about whether you’ll be safe in our hotels. But let’s talk a bit more about exactly why we’re travel ready: 

Rethinking Our Processes 


We looked at every area of our guest’s experience, from the parking lot to checking in, to grabbing something to eat – no stone was left unturned when we thought about how to make every guest in our hotels safe, without compromising on the homely experience we strive to give them. 

Some things had to be put on hold completely – there just isn’t a safe way to serve a buffet, for example. This was an interesting challenge for our team to overcome, after all, who isn’t hungry after a long day! We’ve got a great, touch-free food and beverage solution that will be rolling out in an innovative way very soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our social channels for the official unveiling of that. 

Some other things needed to be tweaked slightly to better align with COVID-related guidelines. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our hotels – a reputation we’ve worked hard to maintain over many years. But the virus and its transmission via surfaces required a more stringent set of protocols to be followed. We’ve implemented the appropriate polycide chemical cleaning agent that kills viral material on all surfaces and ensured communal areas and high-touch zones like counters and doorknobs get cleaned frequently. 

Lastly, the pandemic has brought about innovation – we’re excited to be rolling out some great new online and in-app features that will make your stays with us safer, more convenient, and, frankly, kind of space-age! 

Holistic Staff Education 

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Our staff are our family, the protocols we’ve implemented are to protect them as well. At the start of the pandemic, much education was needed to get our staff up to speed with what the virus was, how it gets transmitted, and how to limit the risk of picking it up. But work is only one aspect of your life. We’re proud to have taken a holistic approach to ensure the safety of our staff at home, in transit and while working at our hotels – for the safety of them, their families, their fellow co-workers, and you, our guests. 

Wknd Specials 

Do you know why it feels like weekends always zip past in the blink of an eye? It’s because they get filled up responsibilities – go grocery shopping, tea with the in-laws, a sleepover with noisy pre-teens. Look, they’re all well and good, but 2020 has been rough and you deserve a bit of ‘me time’. After all, weekends are for living! 

So, the final step in making ourselves Travel Ready was offering you an amazing chance to reclaim your weekend – to get away, refuel and recharge, to take the break that you’ve worked so hard for. Bring the rest of the family, or don’t – completely your call, no judgement here. But rest assured when you stay with us, you won’t be paying an inflated weekend rate. In fact, you’ll get the opposite, an exclusive Wknd Special! 

You can book a stay with us over a weekend from as little as R749 per night, offering you the chance to soak in all the full, glorious weekend at an amazing rate. Book your stay now

So, don’t be shy, we think now is as good a time as ever to spread your wings, to stretch the legs, and get a taste of what normal life used to be by booking a stay at your home away from home!  


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