In many ways, we feel like little kids staring out of the window as the rain pours down, ruining all the fun activities we had planned for the day. In fact, that metaphor sums up COVID-19’s impact on 2020 as a whole; it feels like nothing can really happen, everything’s been cancelled and we’re just stuck waiting it out. 

Staying safe 

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The threat is still real – and we implore you to take every precaution possible to keep each other safe. In moments like these, where the infection rates and mortalities are quoted daily, it’s easy to de-humanise the situation. Each and every case is a family member, a brother or sister, a parent or grandparent. For the sake of the vulnerable, please be safe no matter how ‘over it’ you’ve become. 

Psychologically this has been tough to navigate too, mainly because we don’t really have a definitive answer on when things can go back to normal, or what that normal will even look like. As we’ve covered in previous blog articles, there are most likely going to be some things that don’t go away. It makes sense then, given all of this, that people are upset, angry, fearful, nervous, and anxious. 

We understand that. While we are an international hotel group, we are still human. Our staff have family affected by the virus, children caught between going to school or not and the impact on livelihoods. Our staff are constantly aware of the dangers of being in public, as we enforced protocols to make sure workspaces are safe. 

The glimmers of hope 

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It is heartening to see progress, though. It was a massive relief for the tourism industry to hear the announcement of moving to alert level two. We’ve missed our guests severely and can’t wait to open even more of our hotels to offer our guests a chance to “get out the house”! 

We know that there are a lot of people that are not considering travelling anytime soon. This is completely understandable, however, we know some of you are itching to get travelling – so with both sides of the coin in mind, we’ve put together our best rates ever! 

Our best ever rates 

You read that correctly, ever! These rates rolled out when business travel was allowed – we were pleased to be able to reopen more of our hotels to provide business travellers a safe, affordable place to stay while away for work. 

We’ve really taken our precautions up several notches – prior to lockdown, we prided ourselves in offering a clean and happy hotel experience, and for that to continue, for the safety of our guests and staff, we have had protocols in place since before lockdown even began, as we saw the risk that COVID-19 presented. 

But one thing that we were always conscious of was how this felt unfair for our guests who stay with us for leisure. Why should they miss out on our best rates ever just because they are following the advice of our president and health officials? 

Even now, with inter-provincial travel being allowed, we understand the reluctancy, despite the comprehensive list of precautions each of our hotels follow, to venture out the house. This brought about something we’ve never done before, something that will be fair for even our most cautious guests: 

Lock In Your Savings 

We can’t be fully certain of how long these rates will stick around for. But what we do know is that these are rates that you don’t want to miss out on! By booking and paying for your stay with us now, you secure these fantastic rates and you can rest assured that, once things have calmed down, you have a great holiday to look forward to. Maybe it’s with the kids, perhaps the extend family, maybe it’s just you – no judgement here, like we said, we get it. 

Be sure to Lock In Your Savings by visiting and booking now! 


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