Oh, to be young and naive – making all sorts of New Year resolutions. We would all be marathon-running, world-peace-seeking, millionaires with happy families if any of that ever actually happened.  Resolutions never seem to last, and that sometimes makes us feel guilty or puts us off making them altogether.

But, as with most cases involving throwing the baby out with the bathwater, there is value in being introspective at the start of year – looking at what you want to continue in the year ahead and what is better to leave behind in the old. We hope these resolutions that are actually keep-able can help motivate you to a having yourself a better year!


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Wait, we said these resolutions are keep-able?! Exercise features in the majority of resolutions, meaning it’s also one of the most broken as well. So why include it on our list then?

The problem most people have is they bite off more than they can chew. They run too fast, lift too much or otherwise overcommit and create an unsustainable habit that’s bound to get broken somewhere down the line.

Being realistic is important – evaluate your current fitness level and find what baby-step increment you can work towards. Breaking your goal into milestones helps make reaching your destination more likely and keeps you motivated throughout the year. It’s also advisable to pick an event to showcase your progress, so you have a ‘deadline’ to work towards. If running is your thing for the year, find a challenging distance that gives you enough time to train properly and then register yourself. It’s a lot harder to bail after you’ve paid that entrance fee!

Once you have your ‘deadline’, you can work out a schedule that’ll keep you on track to achieving the goal. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to rumble and, most importantly, keeping an exercise-related resolution!

Focus on What Matters Most

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Have you ever made one resolution and gotten bored of it through the year? How about making a whole list and never managing to keep a single one? Those are two very real problems on opposite ends of the same spectrum. A resolution is made to better yourself, so it should be addressing something that’s very important to you. It may seem like semantics but rewording your resolution could help dig deeper into what it is you want to change and therefore help you stick to it. A self-love resolution doesn’t have to be about exercising more, but perhaps rather training your internal voice to say kinder things about how you look. Living with more meaning doesn’t have to be starting a new business or charity, it can be spending more meaningful time with your family.

Digging deeper like this requires a level of self-awareness that isn’t easy but resolutions that hit close to home and target something you really want to tackle stay on your radar a lot easier than surface-level goals.

These goals will also stay relevant and have a higher chance of still getting done when “real life” hits mid-year. Coming off a summer break, you may have forgotten how swamped you were halfway through last year – and it’s during that time that you enter survival mode and all aspirational goals fly out the window. So, picking something important enough is critical to making it stick.

These resolutions will obviously be personal to you but if you’re looking for an example to get you started, picking something like being present with family will never be a bad resolution to have.

Take It Down A Notch

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It’s hard out there. Finding work, keeping the hustle going – it’s important to keep moving or you’ll be left behind. There’s a lot of pressure to make it in life, and resolutions normally ramp up that pressure to succeed.

So why not make a resolution to slow down? To take the foot off the pedal a bit. Sure, there’s a chance an opportunity might pass by while you’re taking it easier, but you’ll be in a better position to jump on future opportunities when you’re fully aware, energised and motivated.

It’s not only workaholics that struggle with taking a break. People of all ages get fatigued from constantly scrolling through social media and other seemingly innocuous activities. Even just certain social circumstances can add stress to an already full plate.

The remedy? We can highly recommend strategic weekend getaways, which we affectionately call Sho’t Left weekends, that help you get away for a whole weekend for less cash. We’ve spoken about the Benefits of Getting away before, so this is another PSA to plan your leave and disconnect from the world and enjoy a stay at an affordable hotel around the country and further abroad.

In conclusion – make a resolution that is real and means something to you, is achievable and focussed enough for you to constantly be working towards. And then, after doing all that, take the pressure off – if you don’t achieve it, there’s always next year!


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