We recently ran a #ThatCityFeeling competition – our weekly social media competition where you can win a free night’s stay for two – that required entrants to share their tips for cooling down when summer gets too hot to handle. The summers are feeling warmer, so these tips are super important to making the most of your year-end break. We got the usual tips – staying hydrated, avoiding the sun in peak hours, you know, the stuff your mom has been telling you for ages – that are still super important, but we also got a few unusual ones that got our team researching if they actually work. So, here’s what we found – if summer gets too hot for you and you’re desperate, here are some of the more uncommon tips that our followers suggested: 

Drinking Tea / Avoiding Ice Cold 

Cup of tea with tea pot
Fancy a cuppa this summer?

This was a bit of a contentious issue – many recommendations came in to enjoy a cold beverage to help cool yourself down. But there were some firm believers that you should be doing the opposite – saying that drinking things that are too cold causes a mismatch between your internal and external temperature that can impact your digestive health. We’ve heard of the old school hack of drinking a cup of tea to intentionally try and cause this mismatch in the hopes that it will lower your external temperature. The jury seems to still be out on whether this is a reliable lifehack to cooling off, but if you’re feeling the heat this summer and want to give it a shot, let us know! 

Freezing the Bedsheets 

We’re still not entirely sure that this isn’t just a prank you can pull on a friend, but one of our followers suggested freezing your bed sheets to help you through the really hot nights. It does make a bit of sense, electric blankets were made to warm up your bed for cold nights, so why not do something to cool it down on hot, summer nights. Just maybe don’t lick your sheets, wouldn’t want it to get stuck or anything. 

Shirts Optional 

Naked man with a hat
Thank goodness for hats, right?

Now might be a good time to point out that some of our Twitter followers are dodgy – our social team have such a good time reading through their responses and laughing at what they say. From the sounds of things, South African nudist colony membership increases in December. While it makes sense, fewer clothes mean you keep less heat against your skin, it also potentially exposes more skin to the sun which could be a disaster. If full nudity isn’t your thing, a number of people suggested picking cotton-based clothing options – because of their breathability – and having regular cold showers to keep fresh. Although it sounds like some of our followers need a cold shower for other reasons. 

Icing Pressure Points 

Person apply ice pack to their ankle
Helps if you’ve got dodgy joints too, so it’s a win-win

It’s a given that getting in a pool is a fun way of lowering your body temperature. One of our followers pointed out an even better hack that doesn’t require you to get your hair wet or expose yourself to the sun. By icing your pressure points, you very quickly lower the temperature of the blood flowing around your body and get cooler a lot quicker than jumping in the pool. It does mean having ice on hand, which isn’t always the easiest thing, but putting some on your ankles, wrists and temples or behind your knees and elbows or neck will get you back to normal quickly. 

Drinking More Alcohol 

Friends raising a toast together

Look, we’re not entirely sure of the science here. Particularly since alcohol technically dehydrates you. But one of our followers was certain that drinking more alcohol will cool you down this summer and, to be honest, we can’t remember the last time a cold beer, glass of wine or spirit wasn’t refreshing. So, on the list it goes! 

We’re very grateful for all our wonderful followers for the support they’ve shown to the #ThatCityFeeling competition this year. We’ve had a lot of fun reading your entries and look forward to reading more in 2020! Be sure to keep an eye on our FacebookInstagram and Twitter profiles for future #ThatCityFeeling competitions! 


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