We’re standing on the threshold of a new year, and for those that live day to day, we know you’ll just take it how things come. But for everyone else, we’ve pulled together some exciting things to put in your calendar that will make 2020 a fun year. 

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Leap Year 

People get a bit weird about leap years. One extra day to make up for fractions and ladies start proposing to their men. We owe it to Julius Cesar for implementing the leap year convention, Romans had previously been working on a 355 day year but grew frustrated when it got out of sync with the seasons and they couldn’t celebrate their festivals at the same time each year. So he had the bright idea to move to the 365 day year, with the occasional 366 day year to keep it all in sync. 

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NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission 

You may or may not be following all the hype around Mars, but all you need to know is NASA has a very important mission planned for the 17th of July 2020. Mars is believed to be inhabitable, which could be a big deal for humankind. They plan to drive a rover onto the planet, equipped with tools to measure the planet’s habitability in light of future human-led missions.  

Summer Olympics 

There’s just something about the Olympics that gets people excited to be South African. You may even find yourself watching obscure sports just to support the men and women representing our great country. So, book out some time between the 24th of July and the 9th of August to back our Olympic team! 

ICC T20 World Cup 

We’ve got until October to get our cricket issues sorted out because we’ll be sending a team to Australia to compete in the ICC T20 World Cup. We’d like to believe the boys can make it happen, but maybe Siya and the guys can put in some practice time in the nets, just in case. Be sure to catch all the fast-paced cricket action! 

City Lodge Hotel Maputo 

Ola! We’re very excited to have City Lodge Hotel Maputo opening in the near future, making it 6 African countries that we now operate in. We’re very excited to be in Maputo, and the fact that the beautiful Costa do Sol beach is so close in another bonus. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for the official opening – we hope to welcome you in Maputo soon! 


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