Year-end is a crazy time. You’ve got both sides of the family to keep happy, a partner reminding you of all the household chores that should be getting done, there’s gifts to buy from overcrowded shopping centres, the cute but annoying jingles to try to get out of your head, the children with exponentially more energy than you remember having at that age. Did we miss anything?

Many people travel over the December holidays, lots choose to stay with family. But, you know, we made a whole award-winning series of ads about how that doesn’t always go to plan.

So, what are the other options? That site where you can book someone’s dusty, old sleeper couch in their granny flat. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but the truth is, you don’t always know what you’re getting until you’re there to, well, get it. There just isn’t a guarantee that what you see or read in the description translates into what you book and, frankly, when you’re traveling with the whole fam, precious little ones included, that isn’t a risk you should be taking.

We’re biased, we know. But if only there was a hotel group that had hotels that made you feel at home at affordable prices. If only…. Hey, wait, we’re a hotel group that has hotels that make you feel at home at affordable prices.

Okay, but year-end is tight. January’s payday seems seven months away, affording a hotel surely can’t be on the cards. Think again – once again, City Lodge Hotel Group has got your back! Woza Half Price Summer! You read that right, when you book a stay between 13th of December 2019 and 19th of January 2020, you’ll get up to 50% off your stay with us. This kind of thing can revolutionise your year-end stay. You might want to upgrade your stay and book into one of our Courtyard Hotels. You might want to invite the whole family to stay in the same hotel on you – crazier things have happened. Essentially, 50% off your accommodation frees you up to do so much more with your stay and we’re so glad to give you that freedom!

Sound good? Then the only difficult part will be choosing which hotel to book into which is kinda what this blog post was meant to be about. But with so many great hotels to choose from, we really don’t have much advice on how to choose, so maybe like a coin flip or something? Be sure to read more about our special and then book fast, deals like this get snatched up fast!


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