We’ve already explored all the incredible World Heritage Sites in South Africa and were blown away by the raw natural beauty of South Africa. But that got us itching to explore a little bit more. So, we’ve decided to find out more about the stunning World Heritage Sites found all over Southern Africa.


We all know that Botswana rocks! But, did you know about its vitally important world heritage site in the Tsolido Hills? The area was declared a heritage site because of the spiritual significance the area holds for the local community and for the history recorded in the 4500 rock paintings that are dotted all over the site.

CLHG_dunesNamib Sand Sea

If you love spending a day on a sunny beach catching a tan, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Namib Sand Sea is a 30 000 square kilometer area of some of the world’s most famous desert scenes. It’s also the only coastal desert in the world that has its ecosystem influenced by fog! The fog provides the vital water for the local animal species to survive in such a harsh environment.

CLHG_AfricaIsland of Mozambique

Say hello to one of Mozambique’s fastest growing tourist attractions. Other than natural beauty, the island is famous for its history and architecture. Because all the buildings on the islands have been built using the same building techniques and local materials, the island has its own iconic personality and charm.

CLHG_waterOkavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is a must-see destination for anyone who’s traveling to friendly Botswana. Other than the famous canoe safaris that let you view members of the Big 5 from a new perspective, the Delta is famous for a few more reasons. One of them is that it’s one of the few inland Deltas that doesn’t flow into an ocean or sea. All the water gets dispersed across the epic flood plains that make the Delta famous. You might be flooded with emotion at the spectacular sight of the Okavango Delta in full flood.

CLHG_artTwyfelfontein or /Ui-//aes

And we’re back to Namibia for another trip down the long road of human history. Twyfelfontein, or /Ui-//aes in the local language of the San people, boasts one of the largest concentrations of rock engravings in Africa. The site is a window into the past with its carvings and paintings of ancient rituals and animals that were important to the people who made them.

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