We all know that South Africa is an amazing country. Where else can you find such a rare mix of cultures other than the rainbow nation? If that’s not enough for you, how about having a country that’s overflowing with natural beauty and some of the world’s most iconic sights?

We love reminding people to be proud and grateful for living in such a beautiful country so we thought we’d give you a few of our favourite reasons to love South Africa.

We’re Nuts About Nuts!

We’re all about a healthy lifestyle and living your best life. One of our favourite health snacks are Macadamia nuts but did you know that South Africa is the largest producer of Macadamia nuts in the world! That’s right. We’re the number 1 producer of this amazing nut that has a huge amount of amazing health benefits. So we can be proud that we’re spreading healthy eating around the world.

Plants and Animals

We all know that South Africa has mind blowing natural beauty and tons of amazing plants and animals for us to admire. That’s all good and well but did you know that our plants and animals boast a healthy list of world records?

Here are a few of our plants and animals that hold world records:

Largest bird = ostrich

Largest land mammal = elephant

Largest fish = whale shark

Largest antelope = eland

Largest tree = baobab

Fastest land animal = cheetah

Largest reptile = leatherback turtle

Get Inventive!

South Africans are very practical people. When we run into a problem, we make a plan and get the job done. Here are a few South African inventions that have helped the world solve a few problems:

CAT Scan – This cross-section x-ray machine has saved countless lives by helping doctors diagnose patients.

Kreepy Krauly® – The automatic pool cleaner that you were afraid of as a child was invented to keep the amount of time spent on pool maintenance to a minimum.

Q20® lubricant – The water repellent lubricant helps keep moisture out of mechanical parts.

Dolosse – Those massive concrete structures that are designed to break the power of waves along our coast.

More Than Just A Mountain

We all love Table Mountain for it’s stunning beauty and unforgettable views of the Mother City. Besides being world famous and a favourite tourist destination, the beloved mountain has more to it than you might think.

Did you know that it’s one of the oldest mountains in the world? It’s been around for longer than the Himalayas, Andes and the Alps! It’s also one of the most photographed mountains on Earth. Head to Cape Town and visit Table Mountain with a newfound respect of how lucky we are to have such an iconic landmark in our country.

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We’re Popular!

We don’t like to brag too much but the facts speak for themselves. South African tourism is steadily growing each year with people from all over the world visiting our shores. We welcome over 10 million international tourists to our country every year as they come to explore our history, natural beauty and culture. This helps us employ over 1 million people involved in the tourism industry!

If you want to find out any other amazing facts about South Africa, why not hit the road and discover some new facts that you can share with us? Share your facts with us by using #MyCityStay next time you stay with us.


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