The new year is just around the corner and most people are setting goals to better themselves and make the most with their time. It’s well known that most people’s new year’s resolutions don’t even last for the first month. Obviously, it’s much harder to make big changes in our lifestyles but have no fear, we’re here to help!

That’s right. We’ve got your back. We want to see you reach all your goals, so we’ve put together a list of the most popular new year’s resolutions and how we can help you make them happen.

Together we can make the next year your best!

Exercise More

This is one of the most popular goals for most people and for good reason. Regular exercise has so many positive benefits such as:

●      Faster weight loss

●      More energy

●      Sleep quality

●      Better memory

●      More happiness

Although there are plenty of positive results from a bit of regular exercise, most people do it to feel better about themselves. The most important aspect of exercise you’re going to need to get right is discipline. That means never skip a day of exercise, even when you’re travelling. Luckily, we have fitness rooms in selected hotels, so you never need to miss a session and you can stay on track with all your fitness goals.

Eat Healthier

If you’ve decided to exercise more, you might as well eat healthier too. Much like exercise, eating healthier relies on daily discipline and resisting the temptation to wander off your diet.
There are also tons of benefits to a healthier diet such as:

●      Improved memory

●      Weight loss

●      Strong bones and teeth

●      Reduced chance of getting cancer, diabetes and heart disease

●      Better mood

To keep you away from the temptation of snacking on the go, we’ve got a whole bunch of healthy options to choose from on our #Café menu. Anything from a Smoked Salmon Trout and Creamy

Avo Salad to a warm cup of Rooibos is available to you at our City Lodge brand of hotels.


Further Your Career

Work forms a huge part of your life and it’s so important that you find a job or position that you enjoy and that challenges you. The best way to get ahead in your career is to take responsibility for how good you are at your job and improve it. The second thing to do might sound like a cliché but it’s true; you need to work harder than those around you and show your bosses that you deserve a raise or a promotion.

Putting in the extra hours can be difficult to maintain while you’re on holiday, but we’ve got you and your career goals covered with our boardrooms. Make use of our facilities to nail that project that you’ve been working on.


Be a Better Partner

Going out of your way to make your special person feel loved doesn’t just have to happen on Valentine’s Day. You can surprise your loved one with little displays of your love all throughout the year. Luckily, these little surprises don’t need to be big or expensive, they just need to be thoughtful. A bunch of flowers here and a bit of quality time there goes a long way to improving your relationship.
One of the best ways to surprise your partner and spend quality time together is to make the most out of our #SpouseOnTheHouse deal. You can take a romantic getaway and save!


Save Money – Travel More

This one is a bit of a double whammy. Everybody wants to travel more, and everybody wants to be able to save more money. Obviously, traveling costs money but it doesn’t have to cost as much as it sometimes can. We want people to get out there and explore South Africa more. We live in such an amazing country, we might as well get out there and see all of it.

To help you do this without breaking the bank, we’re always offering specials that can give you big discounts on your stays. Browse our hotel specials or book through Bid2Stay to get really great deals.


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