In today’s hyper-connected world, business trips aren’t just being taken by the suited-up corporate type. The world is opening up to smaller business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs who have to constantly work on the move.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools that can make your trips easier to plan, more efficient and ultimately more enjoyable.

Booking the Flight

There are plenty of great websites and apps to find the best deals. Cheapflights is great for domestic and international flight. It also lets you check prices for hotels and runs holiday deals.

Also, beware of constantly going back to price checking websites when booking flights. Some websites have been known to slightly increase the price of flights every time you go back onto their site in an attempt to push you toward buying the ticket. One way you can get around this is by clearing your search history and clearing your cookies and cache in your web browser.

Manage Your Itinerary

Tripcase is the perfect solution to managing a hectic itinerary. With everything from flight times to airport maps, Tripcase will save you time and make your business trips seamless.

Getting Around Town

Waze is perfect traffic navigation app for the fast-moving business traveller. What makes it different from other navigation apps is that it is community based, which means other Waze users are constantly reporting on traffic jams and accidents. Don’t be late for meetings or miss flights because of traffic again.

Booking the Hotel

We don’t like to brag, but it’s not a brag if it’s true.

We have the best way to bring a little bit of fun to the mundane reality of booking a hotel. It’s called Bid2Stay and it lets you bid on the perfect hotel room deals that suit you. You can score a few treats for booking through Bid2Stay like: discounts, free breakfast and CLHG Rewards points to spend on your next trip.

Speak the Lingo

Heading to an area where you’re not familiar with the language? The Google Translate App will help you learn a few key phrases that will win you some street cred with the locals or, at worst, cause a few giggles and break the ice.

Converting Currency

XE Currency Converter is the best way to convert currency and track, in real time, live exchange rates. You can also set alarms for when an exchange rate hits the perfect number for your needs.

These apps will make any business trip easier. Get out there and take your business to new heights and don’t forget, we’ve got the perfect hotels for you to stay at.



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