Life is busy and often we forget to spend time with the people who matter most to us. That’s why we, at City Lodge Hotel Group, have put together a few ideas to help you spend some much needed time with your loved one.

Here are a few romantic gestures you could use to remind that special someone how much you love them:

1) Cook a Meal Together

Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, cooking a meal together can be fun and can give you something to bond over. It’s also much cheaper than eating at a fancy restaurant.

We recommend deciding on a meal together, buying the ingredients together and then preparing it together. This way you can enjoy each other’s company, have a laugh – if any kitchen mishaps happen, and work on your teamwork.

Remember, team work makes the dream work!

2) Get a Little Competitive

Grab the board games or card games and have an evening of fun. Getting a little competitive is always fun and it’s a lot more fun when you get bragging rights.

You can even raise the stakes by betting on who will do the laundry for the next week, or who should make the bed in the morning.

Besides the bragging rights and possibly getting out of some chores, playing a game and having a laugh with your loved one is a great way to get to know each other a little better and to make memories.

3) Have a Movie Night

Instead of fighting crowds to see the latest blockbuster, why not have a quiet night in with popcorn, your favourite sweets and a movie you both love? You don’t only have to watch romantic movies, you could watch an action movie, horror movie or a comedy that you both enjoy.

4) Book a Romantic Getaway with Spouse on The House

Want to do something extra special for your significant other? Why not take advantage of our Spouse on the House deal?

Whether it’s an anniversary surprise or just a spur-of-the-moment romantic getaway, our Spouse on the House deal is perfect for couples who need a bit of ‘us’ time.

The Spouse on the House deal lets you and your loved one experience all the comforts and convenience of a City Lodge Hotel or Town Lodge room, without you having to pay for a room for two.

That’s right, with our Spouse on the House deal you get a room for two at the price of a single room –wonderful, right?

But, we do have a rule, our Spouse on the House deal only applies on Friday and/or Saturday and/or Sunday nights. This means if you want to save while you spoil that special someone, you’ll have to plan your romantic getaways or anniversary treats over the weekend.

So, take advantage of this deal and book yourself and your loved one a spot today. Simply call your favourite City Lodge Hotel or Town Lodge to make a Spouse on the House reservation.

Please note:
The Spouse on the House offer is subject to availability. This offer applies to the published rates only. Rates are nett, non-commissionable and may not apply during special events or high peak periods.

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