We’re not saying the traditional breakfast in bed and a soppy card isn’t a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, but isn’t it time to switch things up?

Think of all the things your poor mom has had to put up with over the years – snotty noses, cuddles when you grazed your knees, kisses to put you to sleep and, of course, having to put up with all the shenanigans that come with having a small child.

So, why not show your mama some extra love this Mother’s Day? There are only 4 more days to plan something extra special, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you:

Breakfast at Town Lodge George

Go for a scrumptious breakfast

Give the slightly burnt toast and coffee a skip and treat your mom, or wife, to a breakfast fit for a queen! At our beautiful Fairview Hotel, Courtyard Hotels, City Lodge Hotels and Town Lodge Hotels, we serve up a magnificent breakfast every day.

So, why not pick your mom up, pay us a visit and enjoy a Full English or Continental breakfast (or both) with us? Just think, you get a selection of tasty breakfast treats, a great cuppa coffee and you don’t even have to clean up afterwards. Now, doesn’t that sound like a true treat?


Book Mom a mini break

Whether you’re all grown up and looking to treat your mom, or you’re wanting to find a treat for your wife on behalf of your children, it doesn’t matter! All moms deserve a break and a bit of R&R.

This Mother’s Day why not treat your mom or wife to a mini break at one of our wonderful hotels? Something as simple as a weekend stay can be all that’s needed to help the amazing matriarchs in your life relax and feel appreciated.

Pamper Mom

We all know what normally happens with vouchers for Spa treatments and beauty salons – normally they are forgotten about deep inside your mom or wife’s handbag. That’s why we’re suggesting a different strategy, instead of buying a voucher, book your mom or wife a spa treatment and then take them to the spa as a surprise.
Obviously, this plan requires some careful planning. We recommend you ask your mom, wife or both not to make any plans for an hour or so in the afternoon or on the morning of Mother’s Day. This way, you can surprise them by picking them up and taking them to a spa treatment – something they wouldn’t suspect.

Not sure about spa treatments? We suggest sticking to pampering treatments instead of treatments that leave you feeling tender. Opt for leg and foot massages, facials, back massages, manicures, pedicures and sauna treatments.

Have you got something special planned for you loving mom/darling wife? We’d love to hear what you’ve got planned.



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