Five Wonderful Ways To Warm Up On An Autumn Road Trip


Have you ever wondered when the best time to go on a road trip is? The answer – right now! Autumn is the perfect time of year to pack up the car and go on an adventure.

There’s a nip in the air that stops you from feeling like you’re melting while driving, and you’re able to enjoy the trip a lot more because you don’t feel so physically exhausted from the summer heat.

There is, however, a catch. Autumn can be quite chilly and, depending on where you’re going, a road trip can leave you hoping for a bit of sunshine or a bit of warmth. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of quick, easy and clever ways to keep yourself and your family warm while you travel.

1) Don’t Forgo The Flask

 Keep yourself and your family or friends warm with a simple age-old trick – pack a flask!

Packing a flask of your favourite warm beverage, whether it be tea, coffee, hot chocolate or Milo, is an easy way to keep yourselves warm. It also helps to have something warm and sweet to keep your blood pumping and yourself awake.

2) Warm The Cockles Of Your Heart

People often underestimate the effectiveness of a hot water bottle or a microwave heated warmer. These items, although very simple, can be very effective in keeping you warm and cosy for hours while you travel.

However, we do want to make the following clear – it is important that you don’t hug, hold or place a hot water bottle or microwave heated warmer directly onto your skin. Instead, we suggest wrapping the warmer or hot water bottle in a blanket or placing it in a tea cloth, so the heat doesn’t cause irritation.

3) Bring Your Bed With You

 Another great trick for colder road trips is to travel with your bedding in the vehicle itself instead of packing it away in the boot. Having your bedding with you doesn’t only mean you can enjoy it while you travel, it can also help to insulate your vehicle making it warmer.

4) Music Makes A Road Trip

What would a road trip be without great music? A) A bit sad, and B) a little bit colder. The music itself isn’t going to warm you up, but singing along and focusing on something other than the nip in the air will definitely do the trick.

We suggest making a great mix that you can sing along to on your trip. Remember, the more you sing the warmer the air in the car gets.

 5) Snack Down To Stay Warm

When you’re cold your body chews through a lot of energy trying to keep itself warm, that’s why we recommend packing snacks for your road trip. Snack won’t only come in handy for those kilometres between rest stops, they’ll also help you keep up your energy and stay warm.

Great road trip snacks include muffins, biltong, nuts or trail mix, dried fruits and of course biscuits to go with your hot beverage.

Have our tips got you excited for an autumn road trip? Good! Read ‘The ultimate guide to setting up a travel budget” to start planning your next trip. Need help with planning a road trip? Take some cues from our blog “Tips for the Perfect Road Trip”.


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