5 Signs You Need To Take A Trip

It’s funny how you can always tell when someone needs a holiday. As the year rolls on, more and more of your colleagues will start to look and sound like productivity zombies – people who are able to churn out work, but don’t have the energy to do much else.
As you already know from our previous blog,It’s Okay To Go On Holiday”, taking a break from work and going on holiday is vital to your productivity and happiness. It also plays an important role in keeping you sane.
There are, in fact, five very noticeable signs that a vacation is much needed. Here’s what you should be looking out for:

CLHG_21) Little To No Sleep

Are your nights restless? Does your work haunt your dreams? These are definite signs that you need a break.
It’s one thing to be concerned about your work, it’s another thing to lose sleep and have your rest time disrupted by work stress. Lack of rest and excessive stress are killers, so make sure you take a break.

2) Feeling Drained Or Overtired

Let’s just make one thing clear, nobody wants to work with the office grump!
Whether you believe it or not, stress and lack of sleep causes a shift in behaviour and can have a significant effect on how you deal with other people.
Nobody wants to work with someone who is short tempered or grumpy. Nor do people want to deal with someone who is exhausted all the time.
The best way to counteract the effects of exhaustion and grumpiness is to take some time off and take a break from the stress – take a holiday!

3) Losing Or Forgetting Things

Some people are forgetful by nature, and that’s okay. However, when you start forgetting things more often or you start losing things, that’s when you need to get your calendar out and start planning a trip.
Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being forgetful. However, when you start losing things or become more forgetful, it is a clear indication that you’re distracted and your brain needs a bit of a break.

4) Your Reactions

Whether you see yourself as an emotional person or not, your emotions and reactions play a big part in your everyday life.
Those who are overworked, overtired and stressed often meet problems with an emotional response because their ability to act or react in a rational manner is limited, thanks to exhaustion and stress.
So, next time you cry over spilt milk, coffee or the printer taking too long, make sure you put in some leave before you turn into the office crybaby!

5) Four Or More

Last, but definitely not least, if you haven’t taken a break or been on holiday in the past four months – it’s time you had a rest!
We suggest booking a spot at a City Lodge or Courtyard Hotel. Not only will we look after you while you enjoy some gosh darn peace and quiet, we’ll also make sure you have a comfy bed to rest your head, fantastic coffee, breakfast buffets and same-day laundry services.
Think you need a break? Why not book your holiday with the City Lodge Hotel Group today: clhg.com/.

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