Honey, what do I do with the kids? 4 activities for the December holidays.

This is not a warning! We repeat, this is not a warning! Your kids are going to be on holiday and you’re going to have to find something fun – and preferably cost effective – to entertain them while their keen, young minds are taking a break from learning.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few things you can do to keep the kids out of mischief:

Holiday activity 1: Baker baker

Baking is a great activity for all age groups, and the ingredients aren’t too expensive either. Whether it’s a cake, cookies or banana bread, baking teaches your children about measurements, time and of course, patience.

We recommend picking a recipe according to your child’s age group and keeping a watchful eye on them, because the last thing you need is burnt fingers or egg on the ceiling.

Holiday activity 2: Play date preparation

We know older kids are a bit adverse to us calling their hang out sessions play dates, but that’s basically what they are. Sorry teens, your ‘too cool for school’ hang outs are actually just play dates for bigger kids.

Getting back to our great holiday activity idea, we suggest you and your kids take time to plan a day for their friends. Whether it be a movie night, a day at the pool or even a scavenger hunt, get your kids actively involved in planning an event.

Holiday activity 3: Start a garden

This activity is great for small children and older kids who are interested in growing their own, organic foods.

If you don’t have a patch of garden to convert into a veggie/herb garden, we suggest planting your seeds, seedlings or clippings in pots. You can buy seeds for a number of vegetables and herbs at your local supermarket. Alternatively, if you’re not blessed with a green thumb, you can often find seedlings at your local farmer’s market or nursery.

Holiday Activity 4: A day out by the water

Another great activity for the December holidays is a day out at your local beach or dam. Kids of all ages love water sports and swimming. If you happen to have a child who really doesn’t like water, there’s nothing wrong with them spending the day in the sun playing cricket or flying a kite.


These four activities shouldn’t only help keep your kids busy, they’re also a great way to spend quality time with your kids. December can be a very stressful time, but it’s actually the one time of year you can relax and hang out with your children and not have to worry about packing lunches, washing school uniforms in time for Monday or packing school bags.

Can you think of any other great activities to keep your kids busy during the December holidays? Share them with us!



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