4 tips to help you feel the festive cheer this December

We all know that December can be a very stressful time. Not only do you have to buy gifts for all your friends and family, you also have to cook up a storm.

Come to think of it, the preparation for Christmas can actually make it feel like one big chore. Having to find the perfect gifts, wrap presents and cook a juicy Turducken, have become expected Christmas traditions, but do they really bring festive cheer to your life?

We’ve put together a list of Christmas traditions and activities to help you feel the festive cheer and give you a break from Christmas-related stress. Here are our 4 tips to help you feel the festive cheer:

1) Get your Jingle rock on!

Singing Christmas carols is a fantastic and family-friendly way to celebrate the festive season. Many churches, communities and even public spaces like libraries or town halls hold Christmas carolling evenings, like Carols by candle light, to encourage Christmas spirit.

If you aren’t sure about attending a carolling evening, we suggest you host your own evening with friends and family. All you need is a few Christmas songs, such as Jingle bells and Rodolph the red-nosed reindeer, and percussion instruments, a keyboard or a guitar.

Remember, you don’t have to sound like a professional choir group, this is all about having fun and embracing the festive season.

2) Fall in love with a light show.

Around Christmas time most municipalities put up Christmas lights and decorations to encourage festive cheer. Not every city may have festive lights, but if your city is sporting a new Christmas look, we suggest you take your children to be dazzled and amazed by the beautiful lights.

There really isn’t anything more festive than your city getting a red, green and gold makeover.

3) Select a Secret Santa

Secret Santa isn’t only fun, it also works out much cheaper than buying individual presents for your friends and extended family. The reason Secret Santa is on our festive cheer list is because it stops an unrealistic gift expectation, thus removing a lot of festive season-related stress.

Usually, those participating in Secret Santa agree on a budget, which means you aren’t obligated to buy expensive gifts. For example, your aunt may have wanted a state-of-the-art veggie steamer for Christmas, but thanks to Secret Santa your budget limit is R100, which means your aunt will be getting a new set of oven gloves instead. Doesn’t that instantly make you feel less stressed?

4) ‘Bring and Share’ is better

Instead of putting the stress of cooking a Christmas meal by yourself, rather ask your friends and loved ones to pitch in and help. Not only will it take a lot of stress off of you, it will cost less and it’s a fantastic way to get everyone involved.

We suggest different people to contribute to various aspects of your Christmas feast, for example, while you prepare the roast, your siblings can bring salads and starters, your parents can bring snacks and veggies, and your children and their cousins can make dessert.


We hope these festive cheer tips serve you well. But, if the festive season does get you a bit flustered, you can always book your family a holiday away at any one of our City Lodge Group Hotels.

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