4 Tips To Help You Become An Expert City Explorer

Have you always wanted to explore a city like a local, but have been too anxious about your new and
unfamiliar surroundings? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Both holiday makers and those on business often long to explore cities and local attractions, but are held back by their fear of the unfamiliar and the ‘what ifs’.
To be honest, we really can’t fault those who are concerned about safety, because it’s a natural human instinct. So, we’ve come up with ways to help you feel and be safer when you explore new and exciting cities, markets, monuments and other local attractions. Here are our four tips to help you become an expert city explorer:

1) Tip 1: Cash is king!
This is a great habit for frequent travellers and, ultimately, a safer way to travel.

Instead of carrying a wallet or purse with all your cards, passport and other important documents or information it in, we strongly suggest leaving all of it in a hotel safe or in your room. Rather, draw the money you’ll be using for that day and carry it with you.

By splitting your money up into smaller amounts and keeping it in different places, you can avoid looking like you’re carrying large amounts of cash, and all monetary transactions will go much faster. Not to mention, this will help you stick to your daily budget while on holiday.

2) Tip 2: Ready yourself with research
A little research never hurt anyone, and we recommend you take advantage of this fact. Doing a bit
of research on the place you’re wanting to visit is a great way to not only learn about the places you’re hoping to visit, it’s also an easy way to see what’s available to you.

Familiarising yourself with your environment before actually stepping a foot outside, will help you feel a little more at ease. We suggest using TripAdvisor, Instagram and Google Maps to investigate before you set off to start exploring.

3) Tip 3: Just in case
When travelling, unfortunately, you have to take risks to enjoy an adventure. Staying safe and sound in your hotel room means you’re not out on the street experiencing cultures, learning traditions or meeting amazing people.

Many travellers often feel afraid because they can’t speak the native language or because everything is unfamiliar. That’s why we recommend you take note of local emergency services before setting off on your amazing adventure. Ask your hotel for the following numbers and add them into your contact list, just in case:

  • Local hospitals and pharmacies – in case you experience an allergic reaction, suffer any
    injuries or get sick.
  • Police stations – in case you get lost, feel unsafe or need assistance.
  • Embassies – in case you lose important documentation, such as your passport or ID.
  • Banks – in case you wish to withdraw more money.
  • Your hotel’s number – in case you get lost, need to arrange transport or have any queries.

Tip 4: Get a little guidance
Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to stop and ask for direction, but we are suggesting you ask at your hotel front desk if there are any tours you can take, or city guides you can hire. Going on a guided tour or joining a tour group is another excellent way to explore a city in safety. Often guides will know the hottest spots, the most amazing facts and they’ll share local knowledge with you, like where the best bargains are or where to stop for a bathroom break.

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