80 Ways To Make Your Staycation Feel Like A Holiday

Not everyone can afford to go gallivanting during December, but that doesn’t mean your year-end leave should be any less spectacular. Planning a staycation is much easier and cheaper than planning an overseas trip because you don’t need to worry about passports, visas or trying to find available and cost-effective accommodation.

When people hear the word ‘staycation’ it often brings to mind well-earned leave being spent on a couch or being forced to attend boring, uneventful family occasions. Nobody really thinks about the amazing adventures and opportunities awaiting them in their own city.

Here’s how you can change this perception and turn your staycation into a holiday to be envious of:

  1. Try that new restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to.
  2. Try a new cuisine, for example, sushi, Durban curry, Cape Malay bobotie or shisa nyama.
  3. Go shopping or window shopping at a new/different shopping centre.
  4. Visit a night market or flea market.
  5. Go for coffee or tea and some cake with friends at a hotel.
  6. Visit your nearest game reserve for the day and go on a game drive.
  7. Order something new off the menu at your favourite restaurant.
  8. Visit a historically significant site.
  9. Sign up for a city tour.
  10. Use public transport to explore your city.
  11. Visit an art gallery.
  12. Spend a day at a museum.
  13. Go shopping like a local in town, don’t just stick to malls and shopping centres.
  14. Visit animal rescue and rehabilitation organisations and farms.
  15. Visit an aquarium.
  16. Attend a class and learn a skill. You could try beadwork, pottery, sewing, painting or even photography.
  17. Spend the day baking with loved ones – because everyone loves cake!
  18. Learn to mix your favourite cocktail/mocktail.
  19. Spend the day beside a pool.
  20. Try out your city’s local nightlife.
  21. Try out a new bar.
  22. Book yourself on a beer, spirit or wine tasting tour.
  23. Host a drinks and snacks evening for your friends.
  24. Book yourself a spa day – yes, this applies to men too.
  25. Join a community project like Play Your Part or visit the Give Back website and find a cause.
  26. Learn to cook your favourite meal from scratch.
  27. Start a journal.
  28. Go see a theatre production or a musical.
  29. Host a movie marathon.
  30. Hire a bicycle and spend the day cycling up and down a promenade, on a track or along a bike route.
  31. Go hiking/take a walking trail.
  32. Book yourself and friends on a harbour tour, lake tour or booze cruise.
  33. Go watch a soccer, rugby or cricket game.
  34. Try a yoga, ZUMBA® or Pilates class.
  35. Try geocaching.
  36. Play a laser tag or paintball game.
  37. Visit a local amusement park.
  38. Go bowling.
  39. Try ice skating.
  40. Visit your local botanical gardens.
  41. Have dinner by candlelight.
  42. Start a new book or finish a current one.
  43. Sleep in.
  44. Rent a kayak and go paddling.
  45. Go for ice cream. 
  46. Plan a picnic.
  47. Go antiquing/visit second-hand shops.
  48. Go camping.
  49. Go abseiling or rock climbing.
  50. Go on mini-road trips to different neighbourhoods.
  51. Go to a local park and soak up some sun.
  52. Go to or organise a bon fire.
  53. Build a pillow or blanket fort and watch a new series.
  54. Go star-gazing.
  55. Go to a comedy show
  56. Stay up to watch the sunrise.
  57. Make a staycation playlist filled with your favourite summer hits and golden oldies.
  58. Make a dreamcatcher or suncatcher.
  59. Organise an Instameet in a nature reserve with friends.
  60. Visit a local pond and feed the ducks and geese.
  61. Visit a nearby tourist attraction or local landmark.
  62. Go watch a live music event or a concert.
  63. Go to a braai or party.
  64. Take a photo every single day and make a scrap book/album.
  65. Take a train trip/ride.
  66. Have a random acts of kindness day.
  67. Do your own carpool karaoke.
  68. Sing karaoke at a local bar.
  69. Play bingo.
  70. Visit a casino.
  71. Plan a dinner party.
  72. Play putt-putt.
  73. Try go-carting
  74. Go horse riding.
  75. Book a zipline tour.
  76. Go skydiving.
  77. Try bungee jumping or base jumping.
  78. Tick something off your bucket list.
  79. Plan your own mini photoshoot.
  80. Go for a midnight swim.

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