Booking your 2018 holidays may seem like you’re wishing the rest of 2017 away, but if you’re interested in saving money and securing bookings during peak seasons, then we recommend you start planning.

Here are five reasons why you should be booking your 2018 holidays in advance:

1) The early bird catches the worm:

We’re all familiar with this saying and there’s a reason why – because it’s true.

When it comes to the travel and tourism industry, it’s generally best practice to book ahead of time. In fact, in most cases, the earlier you book, the more you save.

Generally, buying plane tickets and booking hotels before the start of the new year means you’ll pay the previous year’s prices for a holiday in the new year. Often ‘early bird’ discounts are offered to people willing to set a date before the new year has even begun.

2) Spend to save:

This point may sound counter-intuitive, but, it’s a great piece of advice. Instead of waiting and saving for a holiday in 2018, rather book your tickets this year and use 2018 to save for your holiday.

Spending money and buying your plane tickets first lets you pay them off over the course of 2018. It also lets you save spending money and money for accommodation for the 2018 holiday you’ve planned.

3) Give yourself an incentive:

Booking a holiday for 2018 is an incentive. Starting your new year off knowing that you’ve already booked time out for yourself is a fantastic way to make sure you have something to work towards and look forward to.

Not to mention, you’ll have more than enough time to have your leave forms processed and approved by your company.

4) Crème de la crème of holiday spots:

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve found an amazing holiday destination, but you can’t find any available place to stay? What about when your favourite hotel is booked up and you have to stay in an overpriced bed and breakfast, or worse, you have to move your holiday?

Well, if you book your 2018 holidays now, you’re not only more likely to get a discount, you’ll get the pick of the litter, the crème de la crème, because everyone else is still focused on this year and the upcoming festive season.

5) Planning ahead is crucial:

We understand that not everyone can afford to book their holidays so far in advance and unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. However, if you can, try to book your holidays, midweek breaks or weekend getaways as far in advance as possible, so you still benefit from early bird specials and discounts.

Remember, it always pays to plan ahead!

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  1. First of all thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful information. Actually, I’m planning to go on a ski holiday next year with my family and I must say this is really great as well as helpful info for me. Thanks for sharing.

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