Is change really as good as a holiday?

“Change is as good as a holiday.”

We all know this rather famous saying, but is it really true? Is change just as good as a holiday or is this rather old school proverb in need of an update?

It’s no secret we think going on holiday is far better than change and here’s why:

Change can be stressful:

Not all change is good and even if it is, the adjustment period your life goes through can be very stressful. Change isn’t a bad thing at all. But, there’s no denying change does bring on stress, uncertainty and sometimes even restlessness.

Don’t get us wrong. Change is wonderful and it’s why life is so exciting and interesting, but it sure doesn’t beat a holiday.

Holidays allow you to get away:

Holidays are an essential part of dealing with change and dealing with stress. As mentioned before in our blog post, ‘Why you should plan a holiday away from home,’ holidays are a great way to get away, reset and relax.

Whether it’s a mini road trip to a quiet town near you or an exciting international trip, going on holiday allows you to step back from your busy schedule, take a breather and renew your outlook on life.

Technically, a holiday is a type of change because it takes you out of your normal routine. But, what makes a holiday better is the fact that you’re given the time and space to relax. As well as removing yourself from your daily stressors. You’re given an opportunity to reflect and reassess. There’s also time to enjoy sleeping in and lounging by a pool without a care in the world.

This is why we believe change isn’t as good as a holiday, but rather a holiday is the answer to dealing with change.

Change is one thing we can’t stop from happening – it’s inevitable – but, what we what we can do is control how we deal with the changes we’re faced with in our daily lives.

Our advice? Ride the waves of change like a pro surfer and then book yourself some time off. Take a holiday. And next time you feel like you’ve had too much change, remember our new favourite saying:

‘A holiday is the answer to change.’


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