Most businessmen and women will tell you, business trips and conferences are no walk in the park. Often your days are filled with meetings and then you go back to your hotel room. But, then what?

Why not use your downtime during a business trip to explore and have a mini adventure? There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hotel room, answering emails and watching TV when you could be exploring a different city or a different country.

Here are our tips for turning your business travels into your own mini adventures:

Tip 1: Take a look around

Learn about the world around you by exploring during your downtime on a business trip. Take a tour or visit a local hotspot. At City Lodge Hotels, we’re always ready to assist you with what is worth seeing and how long your mini adventure will take.

Having a break between meetings? Stretch your legs and take a walk. Explore any coffee shops or places of interest around your hotel. But, don’t go too far and keep an eye on the time. Perhaps even set an alarm 15 mins before your next meeting starts. You don’t want to get side-tracked by your sense of wanderlust and end up missing your meeting.

Tip 2: Invite a colleague to join you

Inviting a colleague or even your team to join you on your mini adventure isn’t only a great bonding experience – they could also help you on your little adventure.

They say that two brains are better than one and we agree. An adventure buddy might inspire you to try new things or help you come up with an idea for what you can do or see next.

Tip 3: Do something out of the ordinary

We believe in challenging yourself and doing things that excite you. So, why not try some local cuisine or go bungee jumping? These experiences will make your business trip memorable and make you feel like you’ve had a bit of fun.

We do, however, have one key bit of advice for turning your trip into a mini adventure: make sure you don’t forget you’re on a business trip.

Before setting out to explore the weird and wonderful things your surroundings have to offer, make sure your phone is charged and people can get in contact with you. You should also respond to all your emails before setting off and let your colleagues know you’re stepping out for a breather.

Enjoy and have fun.


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