It’s common knowledge that holidays do us a world of good. Not only does your brain get a chance to rest and reset. Your body has an opportunity to recover from your busy-bee life.

Now, we know your home is comfortable and you’re happy enough to just lounge on the couch for the better part of a week. But you wouldn’t be giving yourself the opportunity to really rest and relax.

Remove yourself from the familiar:

If you really want to recharge and reset, remove yourself from the familiar. Take a holiday away. There is, after all, a lot of credit to the saying “far from the madding crowd.”

Staying at home means staying in your same old familiar routine with one exception – you don’t have to go into work. You still, however, have to take care of your chores, cook dinner like you do every night and feed your cat.

Stress less:

Stress at home is another factor that can spoil your time off. Tension between roommates, siblings or parents means less time relaxing and more time spent avoiding them or stressing about them.

One of the most important aspects of taking leave is getting away from stress. Companies encourage leave, not only because it reduces the risk of employees making mistakes, it also helps improve employees’ quality of life and overall happiness.

New experiences:

Taking a holiday away from home means opening yourself up to new experiences. By changing your routine, you may find out new things about yourself. For example, you may come to realise you really dislike beach sand in your shoes, or that you love the strawberry jam that comes with your croissant at the #Café at City Lodge Hotels.

You’ll also have an opportunity to visit new and interesting places. Not too sure where to go or what to do? Make sure you take a look at our city guides, which could help you decide where you’ll be taking your next holiday.

Book a holiday away from home and give yourself a real opportunity to relax at a City Lodge Hotel. Make a booking now and escape your chores for a bit, ask a friend to feed Fluffy and take some “me” time. Even if it’s just to start a new book, go for walks at sunset or take much needed naps.



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