The silly season is almost upon us and often this is the time we relax and let our guard down. However, this means safety goes out the window and we’re caught off guard. This affects our holiday mood and we start the year on a, very low, low. So, before you go away this year, here are a few travel safety tips that will help you keep your belongings and happiness.

Don’t keep everything together

Although you may want to keep all your important documentation on you at all times, this is not safe. Keep anything you don’t need in the  protection of the safe in your hotel room, like IDs, money, credit cards and other things you won’t be using on that day. This will prevent you from losing everything if you have the misfortune of having your wallet stolen.

Make Electronic Copies of your Documents

Most times, people carry important documents with them for cases of emergency while they’re away. However, when physical original copies of these important documents are lost, you’re stuck. Try creating an electronic backup of documents like medical aid cards, travel insurance, passports or plane tickets, and email them to yourself in case the paperwork is damaged, lost or stolen.

Look Back When you Leave

When you’re rushing  to meet your checkout time, it’s easy to forget your belongings in your hotel room. Don’t be a victim of this, just look back. Go through every room and scan it for the important, and the small things you might have forgotten to pack. Do this at shopping malls, restaurants, theme parks, actually, everywhere. Before you get up, look around you and ensure that you have everything you’ve purchased, or everything you came with, to prevent heartache when you realise you’re missing something valuable.

Let People in on your Itinerary

Having an itinerary helps keep things clear while on your trip. Apart from preparing you for your trip, it’s also great to let family and friends know what your plans are. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, things are bound to happen and if you’re away from home it may be harder to get help quickly. However, if disaster strikes, having people around you, and your family, in on your plans will help them have access to you in a flash.

Keep your Health in Check

Travelling comes with many health disruptions, from viruses that need vaccinations, to the odd upset stomach. Avoid feeling sick throughout your trip and missing out on the fun by putting together a first aid kit. Tailor it to the conditions of the destination you’re travelling to, so you’re armed with a line of defense against medical conditions that might ambush you. Pay careful attention to what you eat and drink, as well as follow a good hygiene routine to avoid picking up unnecessary illnesses.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not a nice-to-have. It’s a must! When you’re away it’s important to insure your belongings, and yourself, in the case of injury or illness. If you’re unsure whether you need travel insurance, this might help you make an informed decision.

Safety is the most important thing, especially when you’re travelling. The only way to ensure your time away will be a good one is to take these precautions and enjoy some peace of mind. What other safety tips have you found handy on holiday?


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