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Kimberley is well-known for the big hole but there’s more to it than that. It’s filled with historical buildings and friendly people which makes it a city that’s easy to fall in love with. Even though it’s a small city, it is said that once there were more millionaires in Kimberley than anywhere else in the world – no wonder it is famous for being the diamond capital of the world. In our series that helps you discover new places in your city, like Durban, we’ve gathered some spots you might want to see in Kimberley.

The hole city

big holeEven though it is well-known, we can’t leave out the Big Hole from this list, merely because it is a world wonder. This hand-dug hole is breath-taking and the museum here offers a wealth of information. You’ll be amazed by the magnitude of this hole, which is roughly the size of 8 football fields. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even venture into a once operational diamond mine and take an 840m guided tour underground. Who knows, you might just strike it lucky!

Picture the past

Duggan_Cronin_Gallery_(The_Lodge),_12_Egerton_Road,_Belgravia,_KimberleyIf you’d like to see photography from the 1920s, the Duggan-Cronin Gallery is the place to visit. Irish photographer Alfred Duggan-Cronin and his assistant Richard Madela took a series of images of the indigenous people belonging to the various tribes in southern Africa, at that time. These images are like a snapshot into a day in the life of the people of that time. Take a walk around the gallery and get transported to a different era.

Between a rock and a hard place

Enjoy a moving and informative experience at the Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre. As we’ve mentioned, Kimberley is a historic city and this is one of those places that have a way of connecting you with the past. For art lovers and history lovers alike, this place offers a wealth of inspiration. It showcases San art, both ancient and contemporary, for an interesting storytelling experience. The William Humphreys Art Gallery is also close-by which has a collection of art, from the 16th and 17th century, that’s truly timeless.

Dive deeper

If you’d like a chance to reflect on everything you’ve seen, then the DaRiva Houseboat, which travels along the Broadwater Private River Estate, is the best way to get lost in nature. Take your pick of either the sunset cruises or day cruises in this fully equipped boat, and relax as you float along the river. For bird lovers, this is a great opportunity to spot the African Fish Eagle, the Giant Kingfisher and the Goliath Heron, to name a few. Adrenaline junkies are in for a treat as well because water sports, from water skiing to white water rafting, can be arranged as part of the cruise.

With so much to see, and learn, in Kimberley you’ll definitely find something to do. Often we leave it up to tourists to discover the history of quaint cities like this one, but just with a little exploring you’d be surprised to see how many gems you can unearth. What’s your favourite thing about Kimberley?



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