Unwritten Etiquette Rules to Remember

You’re probably counting down the days to when you jet off on holiday at the end of this year. The fun times are just a few sleeps away and you’re dreaming of cocktails on the shore. In a recent article, we discussed how to be safe on your holiday, however, the most important part of your holiday is getting there. If you’re flying to your destination, there are a few unwritten rules that will definitely make your trip a whole lot more pleasant.

Keep an eye on your little ones

7875446_xlTravelling with kids? Then keep them in check. When you’re on holiday it may be easier to take a break on the discipline too, but your fellow passengers won’t like that. Try to be considerate to those around you by making sure your children aren’t making them feel uncomfortable. If they’re having fun kicking the back of someone’s chair, kindly tell them to stop. If it’s your chair being kicked and the parent is not doing anything about it, don’t correct the child. Politely tell the parent, as they may be unaware. Avoid reprimanding a stranger’s child – it won’t get your holiday, or theirs, started on a right note.

Share the overhead space

Want to get to started with your holiday as soon as you land? Well the answer may be taking an extra carry-on bag. However, this may lead to a few less than happy fellow passengers. Hogging the overhead space is the most inconsiderate thing you could do, because this is a communal space. Try placing the smaller bag next to your feet and place your bigger luggage vertically overhead to give other passengers more space. If someone has taken over the whole overhead space, the best thing to do is ask them nicely to reposition some items or remove them. This will make sure everyone is calm and not agitated before take-off.

Think of your neighbours

On your holiday you’ll have a lot of freedom, but on the plane you’ll have much less. Fortunately, common etiquette rules take away the pain of dealing with this. One such freedom is reclining. If you must recline, think of the person behind you. They may have their laptop propped up on the tray, a drink resting on it or they may be in the middle of flipping through a magazine. Giving them a warning is just good manners and shows you’re being considerate before invading their space. Also, remember to prop your chair back up during meal times so as not to disturb them.

Talking about seat-etiquette, have you ever thought about which armrest belongs to who? If you’re stuck in the middle, the armrest belongs to you. The person in the middle has no space to stretch their legs or a view to look out to, which leaves them with a place to place their arms as the next best thing.iStock_000002162106XSmall

Most importantly, relax, your plane ride is not the final destination. Keep calm, be considerate of the people around you, and hopefully they’ll be considerate to you. The smoother your flight, the better your mood will be, and the sweeter your holiday when you land.

What other unwritten rules can you add to this list?


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