Can you believe we’re a month away from the new year? We’re all starting to think of our new year’s resolutions and the places we’ll go. From fashion to technology, every industry has some trends that people want to keep up with. Today, we bring you the hottest travel trends you need to be aware of as you start thinking of 2017 destinations.

Local travel

peIn 2017, there will be a bigger drive to travel within your own country. This is in conjunction with the booming trend of being connoisseurs of local culture. Now, people can do this through travel experiences; instead of going to extravagant lands or to foreign countries, more and more people will become experts of their home ground. If you’re looking for ideas of places to explore, to keep up with this trend, checkout some spots from our blog, like Port Elizabeth or Centurion, just to name a few.

Indigenous tourism experiences

Of course, the first point doesn’t mean that people won’t be travelling abroad and seeing new places across the seas. However, cultural immersion will still be a big factor even when far away from home. In 2017, we’ll see more people wanting to visit more than the big landmarks and monuments of their destination. Rather people are more likely to be interested in knowing about the locals –  those that call that place home. Trips to the rural communities will become popular, and travellers are likely to be more interested in private guides that teach them about the traditional ways of life.

Multi-destination trips

fairvAnother trend that will be even bigger in 2017, will be multi-destination holidays. Why just go to Kenya when you can add Tanzania to your itinerary? That is the spirit of 2017 travel. People want to get the most from their travel and see as many destinations as possible, at the same time. This is most likely to affect business travellers who may see one destination from a business point of view, but may want to extend their visit to a holiday destination which has more sights to see. Just as well then that City Lodge Hotel Group has hotels in various locations across the country, and as you travel from destination to destination you’ll always have a familiar hotel room to come home to.

African conservationleopard

Africa has been a prime destination for holiday makers all over the globe for a long time. The 2017 trend sees visitors more interested in going on conservation safaris. People want to experience the “feel-good” factor while on vacation as they help the wildlife and the environment in Africa. Because most people can’t go on long-term volunteer expeditions, they opt to assist conservationists during their short-term stay. For example, at Phinda Game Reserve in KZN, guests can take part in the Rhino Capture and Research project and accompany vets and rangers to locate dart and place tags this endangered species. This allows the rhino to be tracked and deters poachers increasing their safety. More and more people that visit Africa in 2017 will want to leave having made a positive impact.

While some of these trends have been making their way into traveller’s lifestyles already, next year is the year they are sure to come to the fore. Which trend are you looking forward to embrace in 2017?



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