Going somewhere you haven’t been before and don’t want to be too surprised? We’ve got some hints and tips to share with you that will have you walking off that plane as confidently as if you’d just landed in your hometown.

Confidence in your surroundings should not be underestimated. The success of your trip can be determined by how calmly you are able to find your meeting spot, over being a nervous wreck. Checking out your destination for a potential holiday also gives you assurance that the area has everything you want from a relaxing retreat.

  • Check out a map

This one might be obvious, at least from a directions point of view, but Google Maps also has street view and a collection of photos from the area. These will give you a very good idea of where you need to go, as well as what your destination looks like.

Not a Google fan? Bing Maps also gives you “bird’s eye” photos of areas, taken from planes flying over. These will give you a nice overview of where you’re going.

  • Search on TripAdvisor

Sites like TripAdvisor give you a look into areas through the words of locals and other tourists themselves. You can look up the restaurants with the best reviews, local attractions and even reviews on City Lodge Hotel Group hotels.

Find out what your fellow travellers think about a place before you touch ground.

  • Phone the hotel

Hospitality isn’t just an arbitrary name for our industry – some of the most important traits of anyone in this business is to be hospitable, friendly and informative. It’s the job of the staff at a hotel to ensure that out-of-towners feel as comfortable and confident as they do at home.

Phone the front desk and ask key questions to make you feel more prepared for your stay, such as:

  • What types of restaurants and eateries are close by
  • What attractions are near the hotel, and are they in walking or driving distance
  • How close is the hotel to public transport

Tip: Make sure not to phone around check-in or check-out times, that’s when the staff will be busy and won’t be able to answer questions in as much depth.

  • Take to Instagram

Want to see your destination through the eyes of those who love it? Explore hashtags and places on Instagram. This should give you a glimpse into what the area look like, as well as the attractions the locals haunt and activities on offer.

See the food, the streets, the views and everything else you’ll find yourself amongst soon.

Added Bonus: Read an autobiography set in your destination

If you can find one, and have the time before setting off on your travels, then reading about someone’s life and experiences can give you a lot of extra insight into the inner workings of an area – things that tourists won’t be able to tell you, and tourism professionals might not think to speak about. It will also add something when you get there to see places in real life that you’ve imagined.

Ready to explore?



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