Once you finally make it out of your hotel room, we have some GREAT honeymoon activities for any budget, different times of the year, and all levels of adventure seeking.

First: Explore for Free

Spent more than you anticipated on the wedding? Pockets feeling a little bit empty, but still want to have an amazing time trying new things and racking up the experiences?

Then we have some interesting options for you:

  1. Go to an Open-Mic Night at a local pub.
  2. Take some board games with you and bend the rules a bit for some great nights in.
  3. Go Stargazing. All you need is a clear night, a blanket and maybe some wine.
  4. Rent bikes and explore your holiday destination. If you are honeymooning at a coastal town, cycle your way to the beach.
  5. Play! Explore the area and if you come across any playgrounds, let go and enjoy playing on the swings like back when you were eight.

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Put a little aside for the honeymoon itself?

If you are organised and planned for spending money during the honeymoon, then you’ll want to use that money on great bonding experiences!

Here’s some ideas for something a little different:

  1. Are you or your new spouse a coffee addict, wine lover or beer aficionado? Research into the area and see if there are any tours available. A day of sampling your favourite indulgences with your favourite person? That’s a pretty good day.
  2. You’ve just gone through at least a few stressful months of planning an incredible day for the both of you – why not book yourselves for a day at a spa?
  3. Start this new chapter in your life by trying out new adventures. Why not book a fun class together for one afternoon learning something you’ve never done before?

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Looking for a little bit more adventure?

If you like your de-stressing to feature a bit more adrenaline, then your once in a lifetime honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to try one of those once in a lifetime thrilling activities off your bucket list!

If you don’t already have some amazing activities in mind, then we’ve got some great inspiration for you.

  1. Choose your honeymoon destination based on the natural surrounds. These will dictate whether you can easily go snorkelling, abseiling off a mountain, or bungee-jumping off a bridge.
  2. Adventure is different for everyone – introverts could take this opportunity to push themselves by doing something a little scary, but a lot of fun, like getting up to sing karaoke! Extroverts on the other hand may want to do something totally crazy like try busking in a crowded area (this may require some musical skills though).
  3. Buy a lotto ticket each and then decide on dares for each of you to do if you don’t win – make them as crazy and hilarious as you want.

Are you feeling ready for the holiday of a lifetime now? Make it tailored to you and your sweetheart and the memories you make will last you a lifetime (and be the foundation for even more adventures to come).



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