Ideas for the perfect kiss photo on World Kiss Day!

The 6 July is World Kiss Day! Now that’s a fun celebration, whether it’s about a friendly kiss on the cheek, kissing your beloved pet, or a romantic kiss with your significant other. Kisses are great!

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We thought we’d mark the occasion by suggesting the best places and scenarios in South Africa for a great kiss photo. There are of course many, many fantastic spots for such a photo, because South Africa is ridiculously blessed with beautiful, charming and unique settings. So we’ve picked a random selection from around the country to inspire you, and we hope you might go ahead and capture a special kiss shot this World Kiss Day.

So where are South Africa’s best kiss photo spots?

The best places for a romantic kiss

1.     Moyo Pier in Durban

Go to Moyo Pier near Ushaka at night and stand with the illumined Golden Mile behind you. We think that’ll make a pretty awesome shot!

2.     Top of Table Mountain

Stand atop our iconic mountain and kiss away, making sure the photo includes a panorama of the view behind you.

table mountain

3.     The natural arch at Thompsons Bay

Standing on the little cement bridge at Thompson Bay’s rock arch will make for a great photo! In addition you could stand on the rocks by the wave pool for another great (and possibly drenched) kiss photo. If you’re in the Eastern Cape, why not stand on the beach in front of Hole in the Wall and let the distant arch frame you as a couple?

4.     Umhlanga Pier

In Umhlanga you have an amazing pier that seems made for a romantic shot! There’s also the red-and-white Umhlanga Lighthouse that is a favourite among Durban-based photographers. In fact any lighthouse is a good idea, so if there’s one near you – off you go!

5.     Lake Eland Suspension Bridge

Oribi Gorge has an amazing suspension bridge that we think would make for a super kiss photo. There’s also the suspension bridge across beautiful Storms River, and the one at Hazyview Elephant Sanctuary, among others.

6.     Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town

You have options: sit on the steps, stand in a recess, lean against an arch, climb onto a lion… However you float it this is a great venue for a kiss photo!

rhodes memorial cape town

7.     Nelson Mandela Square

The lights in the square are beautiful at night. You could take a gorgeous silhouette picture –as a selfie or as taken by someone else.

Kiss photo ideas for single folk!

That’s right, plenty of folks are rocking it solo and we haven’t forgotten about you! So here are some ideas for celebrating World Kiss Day in a different way…

1.     Get a kiss from your child

Few things in life are sweeter than a kiss from a child. A beautiful way to celebrate Kiss Day would be to take a photo with your child in a special setting.


[Christopher Furlong / Getty Images]

2.     Kiss a statue

This can be a sweet photo, like the picture here of a little girl kissing Madiba, or it could be a funny photo depending on which statue you choose to smooch! Why not take a group of friends and go around town in search of fun statues to pose with?

3.     Kiss an animal

Have you visited a wildlife sanctuary recently? Kissing a cheetah cub or any furry littlie is amazing soul food. You could also show you care by posting the pic to social media and helping to raise awareness of a wildlife issue close to your heart.

If you can’t get to such a place, there’s always taking a kiss photo with your pet. But please note we are not promoting subjecting your puppy or cat to pink tutus and lipstick!

4.     Organise a forced perspective kiss

If you don’t know what forced perspective is, think of those photos you’ve seen of individuals ‘holding’ the Eiffel Tower between two fingers, or ‘cupping’ the moon in their palms. It’s about playing with depth perception to create unexpected and supposedly impossible scenes, since what is in the foreground is monstrously large compared with the object in the distance yet seemingly on the same plane. We suggest you have fun with kissing the moon, a chameleon, or something else in that vein.

Some of the suggestions we’ve made may take a little driving or planning, but since World Kiss Day falls on a Sunday go on and organise a ‘kiss photo’ outing!

So are you going to be taking a kiss photo this World Kiss Day? And do you perhaps have any other great kiss photo spots ideas for fun kiss photos that you could suggest?


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