48 hours of fun on a budget

If you’re travelling for business or leisure, you need to find the right accommodation to suit your needs. If it’s best Rand value you’re looking for, you’re probably an astute traveller who knows that you only really need a hotel room to sleep and change; not much else. Here are tips for 48 hours of fun on a budget.

When travelling, how much time do you really spend in your hotel room? There are so many other things you can spend your time and money doing!

Hotel Rivonia

So you’re staying in a Road Lodge

Road Lodge recognises this and offers unbelievable value-for-money with the same rate whether there are one, two, or three people sharing one of the hotel’s comfortable rooms. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, and bathroom facilities, making them great for people needing a roof over their head during their travels.

Road Lodge offers just what you need to get a good night’s sleep, along with secure parking, reliable reception services, a light breakfast to get you going, and a 24 hour vending machine for your snacking convenience. What more do you need? And what else would you rather spend your money on?

While you were sleeping

Saving on hotel accommodation means that you can pursue more exciting activities during your days away from home. In most cities, in less than 48 hours and close to your hotel or destination, you can:

1. Visit public places of interest: From museums to art galleries, public spaces are often free or offer reasonable entrance fees, and are set up for family or group outings.

2. Go to a show: Spend your money on tickets to a show you really want to see and mix a dose of culture into your trip.

3. Spend time outside: An outdoor picnic with all the trimmings, in the park or on the beach, can have a rejuvenating effect and can open you up to diverse sights and sounds.

Eat out on a budget

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4. Indulge in a decent meal: If you’re in a new city, try out a well-established or recommended restaurant and spend your money on good food and wine.

5. See things from a different perspective: Travel around the city you’re staying in using a mode of transport that’s not a car – hire a bicycle, join a city bus, or a walking tour.

6. Go to a movie marathon: From 24 hours of horror to 48 hours of fantasy, movie marathons are a great way to relax and unwind for an extended period of time. Buy the popcorn and settle in for some entertainment.

7. Sign up for a fun group activity: Activities like paint ball, tennis, golf, or snooker can help you while away the afternoon, meet new people, and keep your competitive edge.

8. Learn a new skill: Wherever you are travelling, you can sign up for day or evening courses to learn a new skill. What about a crash course in cooking, being a coffee barista, painting, writing a short story, or scrap booking?

Image © Marin on freedigitalphotos.com

9. Shop, shop, shop:  Since you’re not spending money on accommodation, you can spend it on yourself! Find the nearest shopping centre and buy yourself some goodies.

10. Think out the box: Use any ‘extra’ money for experiences that you might not be able to have at home e.g. ride a cable car, do a stadium bungee jump, take a defensive driving course, or treat yourself to a spa treatment or day of beauty.

11. Explore: See where your feet take you. Go window shopping, or explore your surrounds – just go where your heart leads you and enjoy the unexpected discoveries of a new city!

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