Here’s how to spot holiday accommodation scams

Around the festive season, it’s a well-known fact that we, as South Africans, love to travel. Families and couples leave their day-to-day lives to take a break. Some travel down to the coast to enjoy the fresh, salty air of Durban’s beaches, while others travel inland to enjoy the big city life Johannesburg has to offer. But, […]

What to look out for when choosing travel insurance

We already know the answer to the question “do you really need travel insurance?,” because we all know travel insurance is a must, regardless of whether you’re on an important business trip or, you’re planning a much needed family holiday to the coast. You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re a few hours away from […]

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Instagram Trends to Know

Your trip is never epic, until it’s Instagram epic! The best parts of any vacation, business or pleasure, must be documented and there’s no better place than the best image sharing platform out there. If you’ve seen the Instagram accounts we showcased here, you might have some serious Instagram feed envy. But, worry not, we’ve […]