Beach Holiday vs Mountain Getaway – Which Do You Prefer?

Everyone is different and we all like different things. Some people love coffee, while others love tea.

There are also two types of people when it comes to holidays – either you’re a seashore lover or you’re crazy about our country’s beautiful mountains.

Here’s our argument for both amazing holiday destinations, tell us which one you prefer:

Sand & Sea: Beach Holidays

Beach Holidays are always a firm favourite for families. The wonderful thing about a coastal holiday is that everyone can enjoy the simple things, like feeling beach sand in between your toes, or a fresh sea breeze on your face.

What’s great about a beach holiday is that your experiences can vary depending on which beach you go to and what activities you’d like to take part in. If you’re looking for an adventure holiday, then a beach with a good surf or diving spot is a must.

However, if you’re looking for a tranquil spot where you can relax and play in the sand with your little ones, then we recommend a commercial beach with toilets and restaurants nearby.

Another noteworthy thing about coastal holidays is the fact that visiting the beach is free. Your lunches may cost you, but other than that, your daytime activities won’t cost a thing.

Rocks & Trails: Mountain Getaways

If you’re all about conquering peaks and tackling trails, then you’re definitely a mountain getaway kind of person.

Much like beach holidays, mountain getaways can vary depending on what type of holiday you’re looking for. If you’re an adventurous person, your getaway to the mountains may include hiking trails and rock climbing.

However, if you’re looking for relaxation and an escape from the humdrum of everyday life, then the mountains are an excellent excuse to turn off your phone and cuddle up with a good book.

Torn between the two? Here’s are some quick tips to help you decide which holiday destination to choose:

Tip 1: Seasons are important

Mountain getaways are great for winter, while beach holidays are ideal for summer. Let’s face it, nobody wants to lie on a chilly, sunless beach, nor do you want to hike on a blistering summer’s day.

Tip 2: Alternate for more variety

Alternate between holiday destinations, so you don’t get bored. After a while, the novelty of long hikes and beach sand does wear off, which is why it’s better to alternate between your holiday destinations.

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