Budget Getaways: Planning Made Easy & Stress-free

We often end up creating more work and stress for ourselves when trying to plan budget getaways. Planning a worthwhile holiday on a shoestring budget can prove very difficult, but, it’s not something you should be getting yourself worked up about.

The whole point of a holiday or getaway is to relax and de-stress. Getting upset about budgets and planning only makes it harder for you to relax. Here are a few tips to help make your budget getaway easier and less stressful.

Budget Getaways rule 1: Choose Comfort and Quality Not ‘Places To Be’

Nowadays, holidays and where you choose to stay have become a status symbol. People often choose to stay in fancy hotels or boutique B&B’s to prove they’ve ‘made it’. Some people even pick places based on their ‘Instagram worthiness’.

Our suggestion, don’t make your holiday about anyone else. Your time away, whether it’s with loved ones or not, is your time to relax. Rather opt for comfort and quality and save your money for cocktails, dinner or a massage.

Budget Getaways rule 2: Do Activities That Don’t Cost Anything

This is easier said than done. Most people like to try new activities while on holiday. Popular activities include scuba diving, canopy tours, and skydiving. Unfortunately, most of the above-mentioned activities cost a pretty penny.

Our tip for activities on budget getaways – look for things that you don’t have to pay for. Activities that won’t cost you anything include reading a book, visiting a beach and going on a hike. Visiting a landmark, practicing yoga or playing board games are also free activities you could try.

Budget Getaways rule 3: Holiday Mindset Change

Don’t you hate it when you’ve planned a budget holiday and then you come home having gone over budget? That’s because of the “it’s okay, I’m on holiday” mindset.

Wanting to stick to your holiday budget? We recommend changing your mindset and adopting a ‘I may be on holiday, but I must stick to my budget” frame of mind. This change in mindset will help you from having to face debt at the end of your relaxing time away.

Another great policy to adopt while on holiday is ‘if I don’t need it, I won’t buy it.’

Budget Getaways rule 4: Be Season Sensible

As you know, various holiday seasons split up the year. These seasons dictate and change the costs of various places and activities. In South Africa, the holiday or peak seasons (November – March) are during school holidays.

Off-peak season (April/May or September/October) is the best time to go on a budget getaway. The reason we recommend going away in off-peak season is because often things are much
cheaper and there are fewer holiday makers to have to deal with.

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Interested in turning your budget getaway into a road trip? We recommend you read our blog posts, “Tips for the Perfect Road Trip” and “Destination Unknown? Here Are Some Pit Stop Ideas.”

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