Give your bucket list a new twist!

Over the past few years, the bucket list has been very popular, especially now that travelling the world has become a major trend. But, if you think about it, bucket lists are basically To-do lists which we often write and forget about because our lives are so busy.

We’re giving the age-old bucket list a new twist, we’re adding a milestone list to it. Instead of just writing all your dreams and future plans down, we suggest you also write down everything you’ve ever done that is unique and special.

Documenting your milestones in life may not seem as exciting as writing a bucket list, but here’s how you can celebrate all you’ve done and all you want to do with the help of both a bucket list and a milestone list:

1)      Start with what you’ve done.

Start your milestone list by writing down all the life experiences you’re proud of, or things you’ve done that are special to you. These milestones could include your very first overseas holiday, the time you learnt to surf or even your university graduation.

2)      Think about do-overs and modify them.

Secondly, jot down all the experiences you would like to have again. Think about how you would change them to create new milestones and then add them to your bucket list. Do you want to climb Table Mountain instead of taking a cable car to the top? Perhaps you’d like to take surfing lessons again, but this time in Hawaii?

3)      Set a deadline, so you don’t forget.

Unfortunately, most plans are written down and then forgotten about. This happens because your plans often have no time frames or deadlines applied to them. In order to stop your milestone and bucket lists turning into another scrap of paper that lays around your house, we suggest giving yourself a deadline to complete your new goals.

Whether it’s in 6 months’ time or in 3 years, having a deadline is a much better motivator than saying ‘one day.’

The thing about a milestone list combined with a bucket list is that they celebrate the small wins as well as the big wins in your life. These lists serve as a reminder of everything you have managed to achieve in your life, as well as everything you’re working towards achieving, even if that includes learning to order coffee in a different language or learning to service your own car.

Need some inspiration for your milestone and bucket lists? Every weekend we post suggestions on Twitter. Head over to our Twitter page and look out for the hashtag, #CLHGBucketList.

If travelling the world has made it on to your milestone and bucket list, we suggest you read our article “The ultimate guide to setting up a travel budget” to ensure that you always have enough money to keep adding to and growing your milestone and bucket list.

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