Tips for the Perfect Road Trip


In our blog post, “Why You Deserve A Road Trip,” we showed you why you should take a road trip, and now we’re rounding up what makes a road trip truly great.

What is it that makes a road trip memorable? Is it the music you listen to during the long stretches between stops? Is it the treats and snacks you pack that make you feel like you’ve taken a mini holiday, or is it all the interesting and exciting stops along the way?

We say, all of the above! A truly great road trip has everything to do with preparation and willingness to step outside your comfort zone and experience something new and exciting. Here are our tips for the perfect road trip:

Music to get you in the mood for adventure:

Everyone has a different taste in music which makes it difficult to suggest artists and albums, but what we can suggest is putting together your own playlist for the journey ahead. Pick songs that make you want to sing out loud and dance.

If you’re travelling with friends or even colleagues, ask them for their road trip favourites and add them to your playlist. This will ensure you’ve got a good mix of music that everyone will appreciate.

Stop and smell the roses:

One of the most unique things about taking a road trip is the ability to stop off wherever you please and go on a little adventure or experience something new. Whether it’s a coffee stop at a garage or an hour stop in a little town along the way, road trips allow you to put your journey on pause and find out more about the place you’re driving past or through.

Not sure what to do at a stop? Here are some suggestions:

  • Go for a meal, don’t just get takeaways.
  • Talk to the locals and find out more about your surroundings
  • Visit a place of interest or historical site in the town or village you’re in.
  • Take a moment to admire your surroundings.

Fun tip: If you visit anywhere that claims they’re famous for something, try it. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

photo-1460134846237-51c777df6111Picture perfect:

Before setting off on your next amazing road trip make sure you pack a camera or a car charger for your cell phone. Taking pictures are a fantastic way to remember the little things on your road trip that made you smile or made an impression on you.

Sheep crossing the road, a rare bird, a beautiful old building or even interesting people. Taking pictures don’t only serve as reminders, they’ll convey how beautiful and how exciting your road trip was.

What was the most memorable road trip you’ve been on? Was it with friends or family?


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