3 great apps for parents travelling on business


Many parents have to travel for work and must leave their kids behind at home. Here are three great travelling apps that will make life easier as well as ease your mind when you’re out of town.

The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker

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1. The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker

This app by Quirk Productions records details of your baby, such as weight, height, sleeping patterns, and feeding schedules. One of the reasons it does this is to offer you a comparison to average percentiles, but the reason we think it a great app for the travelling parent is that all the info can easily be shared with friends or family, so if a mother needs to travel without her child, all the info she needs to pass on to the father, a relative, or babysitter are easily available via the app. The app also offers tips on topics such as feeding and sleep patterns.

Available for iOS.

2. Family Locator

Family Locator by Sygic is an app that allows parents to keep track of their child’s location at all times. How it works is that you download the app onto both your phone and that of your child. Then, when you as the parent open up the app a pin will drop onto a map showing you exactly where your child is at that moment.

For those parents who wish to monitor their child’s movements (perhaps the latter has a propensity to wander, or you’re dealing with rebellious behaviour), the app also allows you to set up safe zones of your choosing, and if your child leaves that zone you will receive an alert.

A seven-day history of your child’s movements is also available, so you’ll have a record of their movements should you need it for whatever reason. This location app, available for iOS and Android, can offer great peace of mind to the travelling parent.

There are in fact various family locator apps available, each one slightly different, so browse around for the right one for you. You could look at Footprints Family Locator, Family Locator by ZoeMob, MobileLocate Family Locator, GPS tracking Pro Locator, and Life360 Family Locator.


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3. Net Nanny

If your child has a smartphone, computer, iPad or the like, then they can potentially access all sorts of unsuitable content on the internet – whether intentionally or unintentionally. This is naturally a concern to parents, especially if they’re not around to monitor what sites are visited, which is especially the case when travelling without your kids on business.

Net Nanny is a parental control app that offers a customisable filter on your child’s device(s) that can block categories such as nudity, gore, death, gambling, alcohol, porn and more. It does this by serving as the sole browser on the child’s device – other browsers are prevented from opening. You can also set enforced time limits and monitor your child’s activities remotely, among other things.

With Net Nanny parents can rest assured that their child’s online time is markedly safer from harmful content and influences.

Available for iOS and Android.

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