Green is our favourite colour!


City Lodge is big into helping to protect the environment. ‘Sustainability’ is the buzzword around here and accordingly we’ve been busily greening our practices, like installing power-saving LED light bulbs in our hotels as well as providing dual-flushing toilet systems.

As of today we’re also launching our City Lodge Earth Day campaign, which is about promoting green practices amongst our staff and guests. It’s just one more step in trying to reduce our impact on the environment.

The idea behind City Lodge Earth Day is that every day is a good day to focus on the environment. So you will be seeing many educational and encouraging messages on our social media channels and within our hotels about ‘going green’ and how you can be part of the movement. Because the thing with green practices is that the more people you can get on board, the more beneficial they are. Together, we really can make a difference!

Small changes that together make a big difference


There are many small changes we can each make in our daily behaviours, especially in the context of our own homes, to reduce the impact of man on the environment. But let’s take a look at just a few that you could embrace when staying at a City Lodge Hotel…

Actions that save energy include:

  • turning off lights whenever not in the room,
  • making sure windows are closed when the air-con is on,
  • unplugging electrical equipment when it’s not in use;
  • dressing warmly in winter so that you don’t need to turn the heat up as high, and
  • not filling the kettle up to the top when you only need hot water for one or two cups.

Actions that save water include:

  • choosing to shower instead of bathing,
  • turning off the tap while soaping your hands,
  • only using the little button on the dual-flushing system when appropriate, and
  • always making sure all taps are properly turned off.

Other actions that help protect the environment include:

  • using environmentally friendly shampoos and soaps, like those supplied by City Lodge Hotels for our guests, and
  • using towels for longer than a day – this saves both water and power as fewer towels need washing.

LED lights up our world!

LED light bulbs and lamps are far more energy efficient than their incandescent or fluorescent equivalents. They are also vastly more ecologically friendly, as they contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.


Knowing this, we at City Lodge Hotel Group have over the past year installed roughly 40,000 LED globes in our hotels, 26,000 of which were within hotels that are part of the City Lodge Hotel brand. In addition, over 4,000 other lights were also converted to more energy-efficient options.

Speaking about all the green changes that have been taking place in City Lodge Hotels, Chief Executive Clifford Ross says,

“We remain committed to the journey which we embarked upon some years back to reduce our impact on the planet. Our journey meant that we critically evaluated all aspects of our business to positively influence our planet.”

So as you can see we’re going to be doing things a little differently around here from now on and we encourage you to do things a little differently with us!

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