City Lodge Hotel Brand awarded Green Leaf Eco Standard


Recently the City Lodge Earth Day initiative was launched on City Lodge Hotel Group’s social media platforms with the core message that every day should be Earth Day and indeed is Earth Day when you stay at a City Lodge Hotel. The catchphrase is:

No planet, no you. No you, no us.


This campaign is merely the latest in a string of efforts made by the City Lodge Hotel brand within the City Lodge Hotel Group to green its

hotels and practices. Accordingly it has been certified by the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard, a step that acknowledges the significant improvements that have been made in the important areas of energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management, responsible procurement, and staff and guest awareness of environmental responsibility issues.

While the certification initially applies only to the City Lodge Hotel brand, the group has largely implemented the same technology and procedures in its Courtyard Hotel, Town Lodge and Road Lodge brands. Green Leaf™ Eco Standard is an initiative of the Wilderness Foundation, aimed at enabling and certifying the balance between business and nature.

Over the past three years, the City Lodge Hotel Group has rolled out a group-wide energy efficiency initiative, with an emphasis on the installation of LED lighting (around 40,000 bulbs) and heat pumps as well as on monitoring and reducing energy consumption. The group is also a member of Eskom’s 49M energy efficiency campaign, which commits partners to a 15 percent reduction in electricity usage.

A focus on water efficiency and responsible waste management


More recently, the group has embarked on a water efficiency programme across the City Lodge Hotel brand, focusing on efficient flow technology on shower heads and taps, dual-flush

toilets, and the re-using of towels. The intention is to roll this out across the other three brands.

Attention has also gone into improving waste management as part of the certification for the hotel brand. This has included the separation of different types of waste on site, the transport of waste to recycling centres, and the transport of non-recyclable waste to landfill sites.

According the group’s CEO Clifford Ross,

We’re proud of achieving this latest certification as it recognises the serious attention we have paid to reducing our carbon footprint and maximizing our effective use of electricity and water and responsible disposal of recyclable and non-recyclable waste.”

Standards for responsible tourism have also been incorporated into the certification we have received, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in our operations,” he added.

CEO of Green Leaf Eco Standard Andrew Phillips says, “I have had the pleasure of witnessing the leadership group of City Lodge initiate a responsible tourism mind-set change throughout its hotel brands and to now formally sign-off on core certification under the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard certification programme is recognition well deserved.”


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