Ways to keep warm this winter

Keep warm this winter

Have you noticed a chill in the morning air? The fact that it’s still dark when you leave for gym? Or roll over to switch your alarm to ‘snooze’? Winter is just around the corner!

If you’re one of those people that freeze when the temperature drops, it’s time to pull on your comfy slippers and take note of the following tips for keeping warm this winter…

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1 / Layers are a must! When it comes to dressing for the cold, it’s best to wear a number of thin layers, rather than one thick layer. Choose wool, cotton, or fleece materials, and items such as vests and long-sleeved tops that will trap warm air close to your body.

Did you know that you lose most of your heat from your head? Top off your layered look with a scarf and hat or beanie to make sure you stay toasty if you venture out of doors. The bonus? Layers mean you’ll look trendy and be warm at the same time!

Keep the heat in

2 / Shut the door! The temperature drops dramatically when the sun goes down. Keep windows and internal doors closed at night to trap the day’s heat indoors. Make sure to close your external windows and curtains before the sun goes down to stop heat escaping and to keep out nasty winter draughts. This will ensure that the day’s heat stays inside – where you need it most.

3 / Let in the sun! While it’s important to close up at night, try to let in as much sun as possible during the day. This will warm up your inside environment while also making it seem more cheerful. Houses can often be cold and damp – open the windows if the temperature outside is warmer than the temperature inside and remove any obstacles to the sun warming the house (think large pot plants in front of windows or trellises leaning against the exterior walls).

4 / Feast! Your body keeps warm using the food you’ve eaten and we all know that winter’s the perfect time for comfort food. But, don’t just gobble everything in sight – you’ll regret it at some point! Help your body cope and fight off infection by eating regular, hot, home-cooked meals that contain carbs such as pasta or rice. Or you can whip a hearty vegetable soup or stew. A warm oven means a delicious meal and a toasty kitchen…

Top tips for winter warmth

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5 /Snuggle up!The air’s colder at ground level so if you’re sitting still for long periods of time, lift your feet up, and keep them covered with socks or slippers. It also helps to cover up with a blanket or shawl for extra warmth. Have concrete floors? Use rugs or carpets to prevent heat loss through the floor and to give you a nice, warm surface to walk on. Consider using a heater to keep your work zone comfy – just make sure you never leave it unattended.

6 / Get moving! Exercise may seem like the last thing you want to do when it’s cold and dark outside but it’s one of the smartest moves you can make to stay warm in winter. Exercise gets the blood pumping around your body, causing it to warm up, and increases blood flow to the skin, making it warmer. A warm body means better blood circulation which in turn means you will be more tolerant of the cold. Also, the rush of endorphins brought on by exercise will boost your energy and mood, making it easier to cope with the dark days ahead!

7 / Stay connected! Studies have proven that people feel colder when isolated. Rather than sitting home alone because you can’t bear to brave the cold, see friends and family, and have fun. The greater your level of interaction, the warmer you’ll feel – inside and out. Cuddle up with your loved one and generate some extra body heat or play board games in front of the fire with friends – you don’t have to leave the house; just make sure you see some friendly faces. Again, socialising is an activity that generates warmth and lifts your spirits.

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8 / Sleep tight! Your body loses heat during sleep due to inactivity. Make sure that you don’t wake up cold by preparing your bed and yourself for a good winter’s night sleep. Invest in an electric blanket, winter sheets, extra bedding, a thick bathrobe, and long winter pyjamas to make sure you are the perfect temperature all night long. You don’t want to be too hot or too cold.



Winter warming Cape Town specials

Travelling this winter? A Cape Town winter is not for sissies! If you’re heading to the Mother City, whether for business or pleasure, we’ve got the perfect accommodation for you. Our Winter Warmer Specials should help to keep the frost at bay…

Running until the end of August 2013, in the Western Cape only, prices per night include:

  • Courtyard Cape Town – R935
  • City Lodge GrandWest – R845
  • City Lodge Pinelands – R790
  • City Lodge V&A Waterfront – R1080
  • Town Lodge George – R550

Really cold? If all else fails, try thermal underwear – it might not be the sexiest item in your wardrobe but it will keep you warm during the coldest hours!

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