The Advantages of Airport Hotels


When you’re traveling, chances are you’re going to be spending hours on a plane for your flights to and from your destination. Then you’re going to be spending hours in a car, train, bus, and taxi or on foot, getting around town and doing all the touristy (or business-y) things you came there to do.

The last thing you need to do is spend even more time on transport between your accommodation and the airport. There’s nothing worse than getting off a 16-hour flight, only to have to drive 2 hours to the hotel that you picked out, which is miles and miles away. 

Instead, if you stayed at an airport hotel, you could be stepping off the plane, picking up your luggage from the carousel, and you could be tucked up in your bed or immersed in a hot bath less than an hour later.

Staying at an airport hotel is more than just convenient. These days airport hotels are swish and comfortable to the point of being ultra-luxurious and as far as accommodation goes, they have a lot going for them! Some of the advantages of staying close to where your plane touched down are…

Close to the airport

If you’re waiting for a connecting flight or (heaven forbid) your flight has been delayed, it would take you too much time to reach the nearest city and find a hotel there. Use a hotel close to the airport, and you can get back in time for your flight, on foot or using the hotel’s shuttle service. 

Superior comfort

Better than a pokey B&B, airport hotels offer a lot in the line of comfort. Which you’ll appreciate if you’ve just stepped off a long flight, or you’ve had a hard day sightseeing or back-to-back business meetings.

Enjoy en-suite bathrooms with fluffy white robes and indulgent, free toiletries. Relax in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms and unwind while watching satellite TV. Keep in touch with your now-distant loved ones on the phone and make use of broadband internet access – no more hunting around for coffee shops with free Wi-Fi. There’s also the option of continental and buffet breakfasts at most airport hotels, and you can also make use of the room service if you’re feeling peckish. No need to step foot out of where you’re staying if time is short!

Everything you need, all in one place

Whether you’re staying for a night or two weeks, you’ll be impressed at the array of on-site facilities at most airport hotels. These are facilities that are geared toward making your stay more relaxing and enjoyable, and to take your mind off the fact that you’re far from home. Think spas, beauty salons, and fitness clubs. Conference and meeting venues, business facilities, restaurants, bars and the like. Just because you’re staying at an airport hotel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on perks and amenities.

Skip the traffic

If you have an early morning or evening flight, traffic to and from the airport is bound to be a nightmare. Murphy’s law is that if you have a flight to catch, there will be some kind of traffic disaster and you’ll either miss your flight or only make it by the skin of your teeth. Getting onto the plane irritable and stressed is not a good way to start a long flight back home – so avoid the traffic stress and bother, when you book in at an airport hotel.

Even if you don’t use an airport hotel for the duration of your trip, booking in the night before you’re due to fly out, means that you’re close enough to the airport not to have to worry about missing your flight. You’ll also step onto the plane fresh and ready to travel home, stress-free. Even if the airport hotel isn’t a stone’s throw away from the terminal you need to depart from, you can arrange a shuttle service with the airport hotel to make sure you get there, with plenty of time to check-in and relax before you have to board your flight.

Save money

You’ll save money on transport costs to and from the airport. Taxis can work out hellishly expensive. You can also save on accommodation costs, as airport hotels often offer a greatly reduced rate – which leaves you with more cash to spend on other things; like enjoying yourself.

Give it some thought. Next time you’re heading out of town on a long flight, there are plenty of reasons to make your first stop an airport hotel. 

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