Ditch the downtime

Ditch the downtime

Travelling means being on the go…but it also has its fair share of just hanging around! Waiting for flights can be super-dull, particularly if they’re delayed. Instead of staring at the ceiling and twiddling your thumbs, make the most of it!

Check in with the office

If you’re managing staff, suppliers, or clients, now is the perfect time to phone in and touch base with how everyone is doing, talk about any challenges anyone is facing, or issue new instructions. At the very least, it’s a way to pass the time while looking productive…

Respond to emails 

Whilst our smartphones make sure we get our emails on the run these days, it’s easier to provide detailed, thoughtful responses when we have a few moments to sit down and read through emails more thoroughly. When all else fails to entertain, you can read all the forwards your friends have been sending you that pile up in the ‘later’ folder you never seem to get to…

Host a business meeting

Why try and squeeze in another meeting with clients before you head on over to the airport and risk missing your flight? Instead, make use of an executive lounge like The Slow Lounge – which has comfortable seating, wi-fi, and refreshments on hand – and schedule that last meeting of the day at the airport. And if you can’t schedule a meeting, schedule a massage – one of the many perks of Slow Lounge access!

Catch up on work

Make yourself comfy at a table at the airport café, grab a cuppa, and spend the time between flights doing research, working on that proposal, or finalising your budgets. One less task to do when you get back in the office!

Do some reading

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, reading broadens the mind. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get the time to do as much of it as we’d like. Whilst you wait for your flight, whip out your Kindle or paper book and get reading. Take a look at our pick of the best books for the business traveller.


Airports are full of interesting people with fascinating stories to tell. Why not strike up a conversation with the folks around you? You never know what connecting with other people might bring to your life – new business ventures, friendship, even romance! A great way to connect with like-minded professionals is to check in on Foursquare – and see who else is checked in and nearby, most likely with time to kill…

Have a bite to eat

Feeling peckish but not in the mood for a greasy burger and fries? Once the preserve of fast food chains; many leading airports around the world now feature top restaurants offering gastronomic experiences.



It can be challenging keeping up with the fitness regime when on the road. Increasingly, airports around the world are offering travellers the opportunity to work out while they wait, with 24-hour health and fitness clubs. For an hourly fee, you can fit in some weights or cardio or even take a yoga class, a dip in a lap pool, or steam it up in the sauna.

Visit an airport spa

If you’ve been rushing about all day from business meeting to business meeting or from tourist attraction to tourist attraction – or even pumping iron at an airport gym – pop into an airport spa to recharge the batteries. Whether it’s a massage to ease away aches and pains, or a facial treatment to rejuvenate cabin-weary skin, relaxing at a spa has to be the most indulgent way to wile away the hours between flights. OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg boasts Letsema Express spas – try out their services next time you’re passing through!

Get your hair and nails done

Nothing like arriving at your destination looking your very best! If you really want to pull out the stops to impress the clients, friends or family you’re travelling to meet, use your airport downtime to get a manicure or pedicure at an airport nail bar or your hair professionally styled at an airport hair salon. Because you’re worth it! And if you’re a guy and hair and nails isn’t really your thing, get those shoes shined. It’s like a pedicure for men!


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