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As South Africans, we should know how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful, diverse country. Not only is it culturally diverse, but it’s also geographically diverse – presenting more than enough to satisfy even the most hardened sightseer. In South Africa We have deserts, mountains, forest, cities, and savannas…

There’s so much to do and see in all of our provinces, that we don’t even have to leave our own borders to get that tourist experience. Nor do we have to have loads of cash to travel around our own country – we can easily do it on the cheap!

One of the best things about travelling in SA? We’re familiar with the currency (or should be) and should have a fair idea of what to expect to pay for things like accommodation, food, and transport. But you can never be too clued-up, so here’s some insight on how to travel on a budget in your own backyard…

Use local transport to get around

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Smart travellers use local transport options instead of hiring a car, which can be costly – both in terms of insurance and petrol, not to mention the hefty deposit and security car hire companies want in the form of DNA samples, fingerprints and guarantees to hand over your firstborn child should you ‘ding’ the car you hire!

Consider using taxis – both the metered and minibus variety. Minibus taxis are one of the most affordable forms of transport in South Africa – and you’ll never experience South Africa’s roads (or sidewalks, pavements, and traffic islands!) like you would cruising in a minibus taxi…

There are also buses and trains to consider – all of which form part of the transport network that keeps South Africa moving!

Accommodation on a budget

Those looking to travel on a budget in South Africa don’t need to splurge on fancy accommodation. You’re going to be asleep at night – and not much happens when you’re asleep, except some light snoring, the earth’s rotation, and the moon rises and sets… There’s no point in paying a fortune just to sleep!

Save yourself a ton of money – and do your travel budget a huge favour – and stay at a value hotel. Sleeping means recharging your batteries, and all you need to do that is a comfortable bed, some dark curtains, and a good pillow.

Get all of that and more at an affordable hotel and feel good about the money you’re spending on a good night’s sleep… Travelling cheaply in South Africa means making the most of South African hospitality, leaving you with more spending money for tourist-y activities the next day.

Free tourist attractions

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Maximise your consumption of free sightseeing, landmarks and cultural entertainment, in order to travel as affordably as possible. Find out about free museums, art exhibitions, open-air theatres, and other attractions like parks, dams, lakes, beaches, and other famous landmarks that most locals take for granted and pass without noticing on a daily basis.

These entertainment freebies will free up a lot more of your travel budget to spend on important things like food and travel souvenirs. However you travel, whether it’s by bus, rickshaw, or airplane, there’s plenty to do and see as a tourist in South Africa.

While the days of sleeping on your backpack might be over, you can still take in the sights and have a whale of a time as you travel cheaply across South Africa. Value hotels are definitely the way forward for travellers looking to maximise fun on a minimised budget!

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