Recreating hotel room living at home


Staying in a hotel room is always a treat – there’s something about this crisp, clean space which makes you feel pampered, well-rested, and just a little bit VIP. Want to continue that blissful feeling when you get home? Follow these five steps to recreate hotel living at home…

Step One: Form follows function

The primary rule of creating a pleasant space is that form should follow function – a space should be designed to suit its purpose. Related to this architectural and interior design principle is the maxim: ornament is a crime. In other words, unnecessary knick-knacks which serve no purpose have no place in a beautiful space.

Hotel rooms adhere to these simple tenets by creating spaces geared solely towards rest and relaxation – everything in the room is focused primarily on this singular purpose and everything which is superfluous to this aim is omitted.

There’s always a good flow of space in a hotel room – everything has its place, and the bed is central to the room.

Step Two: Tidy up

Hotel rooms emphasise serenity, order, and calmness. The key to achieving this clean, fresh look and feel is to declutter:

  • Remove everything which doesn’t belong in the room
  • Ask yourself if you really need an item; if you don’t, chuck it
  • Keep the minimum on display – pack everyday items into storage bins and baskets and store out of sight
  • ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ as the adage goes – ensure that your things are neatly put back where they belong after use
  • Keep up with it – declutter at least once a year to prevent build-up of unnecessary items.

Step Three: Pamper yourself

Hotel rooms have a knack for luxury. This pampering comes from the soft furnishings and little touches which help guests feel indulged and spoiled. When it comes to weaving a little hotel magic into your own home, the bedroom and bathroom are good places to start. Think:

  • Goose feather pillows
  • Crisp Egyptian cotton linen
  • Cushions piled high on a king-sized bed
  • Soft, high quality towels
  • Lavish toweling bath robes and slippers
  • Plush armchairs placed in snug corners
  • Baskets of luxury bath goodies, hand and body lotions, and chocolates or a bowl of yummy treats on hand.

TIP: Muted, neutral shades – white, cream and beige – help impart a sense of cool serenity and timeless elegance.

Step Four: Lighting

Lighting is atmospheric – it’s how hotel rooms achieve that warm and inviting glow – so give this detail considerable thought. Let the sunshine in – during daylight hours, nothing beats a stream of glorious sunshine lighting up a room.

At night, don’t just turn the wall or ceiling lights on bright – rather make use of lamps and dimmer switches to create softer ambient lighting.

TIP: Also pay attention to window treatments – properly done, curtains and blinds can let just the right amount of light in during the day and provide complete hotel-style block-out at night.

Step Five: Flowers

One of the very nicest features of a good hotel room is fresh flowers in pretty vases. Pay attention to both the type of flowers and the containers you choose:

  • Crystal and glass vases create an elegant, formal feel
  • Terracotta and pottery vases are more casual
  • A narrow opening will help flowers stand up straight and tall – good for structured, formal arrangements
  • A wider opening will let flowers settle comfortable into a more organic shape – good for informal, country arrangements
  • Formal arrangements make an elegant statement. Use roses, lilies or carnations and stick to one or two complementary colours.
  • Informal arrangements have a relaxed and happy feel to them. Use wildflowers and country flowers in a variety of colours.

Do you feel like a VIP in your own home? What tips and tricks have you learnt to create that hotel room luxury feel?

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